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blanc Jan 2016
I think I loved you first,
but you loved me more.
anger simmers quietly
until I find the strength
to let go
First written on my Tumblr page:
the infinite now surrounds me
on the cusp of new beginnings
First written on my Tumblr page at As I approach the new year I am grateful,  eventhough in a few days I will move out of my home. I am grateful because I am not walking through this alone.
If all wishes came true,
The world would be
Really   messy.
Just thought of this coz sometimes,our wishes are just so random and out of place,like when really upset or too excited
Cole Hearn Oct 2015
caramelize cola eyes
eleven words cannot describe
what I lost lastnight.
Have no
Fear for
One who
Can only
The flesh.
Captain Trips Jul 2015
Chords and calluses
are the subtle products of
bleeding for music
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