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julius Oct 2014
what is it to you
if i pave my own path
and do not speak up
when you expect wrath?
you see, i am
quite the silent kind
but look into my thoughts--
i've a chaotic mind.
these lips are shut
so you may not hear
what lies beyond
my skin austere
though you may peek
into my spirit
through words
that i write vivid.
  Oct 2014 julius
David Hall
let me live forever
or let me die today
the wait is killing me

eternity will end
or perhaps begin again
all roads meet in Italy

a travesty of time
the majesty of rhyme
death is life’s soliloquy
julius Oct 2014
the curtain dances
with the wind
  to the music of
   your cheeky grin
    as you look at me
     with those hazel eyes
      my words i have
       to improvise
        my back shivers
         my voice quivers
          as with such grace
           you touch my neck
            and kiss the lips
             that long for you
              dear, my heart's
               a wreck.
julius Oct 2014
o, how tender,
o, how sweet
the tune you make
from your leather seat.
dear piano man,
do play on
your songs of old
from years long gone.
make me recall
with shivers all
the memories i hide
about love lost
and new love found
as you play
by my side.
i watched an amazing pianist's little concert recently.
julius Oct 2014
i am constantly drowning,
though very sweetly,
engulfed in a pool of ink.
the color of midnight
and ravens and coal
falls drop by drop
everytime i think.
and with this jet black liquid i
press on pure, clear white
til one by one words appear
from nowhere, into sight.

i am constantly drowning,
though very sweetly,
swallowed by a sea of paint.
the colors of stars
and rainbows and light
fall drop by drop,
i'm without complaint.
and with these hues and a brush i
smear on pure, clear white
til a picture appears
from nowhere, into sight.
julius Oct 2014
the stars are out
but the city lights silhouette them
and the noise in the buildings clutter
the symphony that is you
but i hear the faint melody
as you walk towards me
every step a single note
and i draw nearer to the sound
but then you’re already here
and you wrap your arms around me
and i wrap my arms around you
and you utter tender words
and those words turn into music
and the music fills the air
and the air fills my lungs
and i breathe it all in

and we listen

to the beautiful sound

of silence
julius Oct 2014
my voice is lost
     in a sea of others--
          an ocean of opinion
               is drowning it in.
i only wish
     to speak sweet words
          but with all these screams
               i cannot begin
                    to try to word out
                         what i wish to say;
                              no, i cannot bring out
                                   what i wish to convey.
this ocean's too loud
     and i'm sinking; so please,
          from these darkened waters
               my soul
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