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 Dec 2014 julius
 Dec 2014 julius
i was all but ready for work the next day
getting caught up in the coming foray
i had a couple of hours to prepare,
steel my mind so that i could fare
against the coming stress and mess
that i knew would put me under duress
i sat in silence, knelt and prayed
to the Lord Jesus creator of all made
for His guidance in action and will
so that night no blood would spill
the tension was high and so was I
with a man who's foolishness I can't deny


when you walked in it couldn't be
i was overtaken by pure serenity
towards my mind to you was drawn
we would eventually converse til dawn

we finally had a chance to stay
beside one another, a few words to say


then the tension broke
when cam started to punch
in my hand his throat I choke
he'd gone out to lunch

i left the house in an agitated haze
the trail behind felt right ablaze
but the journey to work proved fruitless
the return trip though left me in bliss

i came inside and all were asleep
So on my tip toes i did creep
into the room, pulled the curtains aside
then a little part of my heart inside
wept as my eyes fell upon your visage
under the dim light i thought it a mirage

you heard my steps upon the floor
as well as the creaking of the door
i peaked your interest with my request
to join me in the kitchen, leave the mess
i took your hand and pulled up your seat
in that moment we were pleased to meet

i pulled out a plate and grabbed my bags
of Calvin Klein read the tags
we sat across the twister table
as we told each other fables
and the depths of our minds
up our nose went the lines
we touched nothing more than our tips
of fingers, though I truly wish it were lips
your voice breathed air unto my fire
stoking the hot flames of desire

though it was a mental connection
that had started my affection
i was enamoured in your voice
to me a song that brought a choice
to pursue you for pure platonic friendship
and let my fires consume this ship
or to take your hand but a ****** white dove
as i yearn for the light and love from above

when you departed from the scene
you left me with a feeling most serene
i insisted upon your possession of a book
and from your out-stretched hand,
I hope this won't scare september away.
I really can't help my heart,
when it begins to sway,
or when toward love it embark.
So I wish you to know this
Oh-Mega Miss
That what could await you,
is nothing
 Nov 2014 julius
 Nov 2014 julius
Here are some things I know:
2+2 is always 4, in the center of an apple lies the core.
One foot is left and the other is right, you need lots of wind to fly a kite.
Puppies are soft and the earth moves slow, red means stop and green means go.
Clouds are white, the sky is blue, and I am absolutely, completely, in love with you.
Here is a happy poem for a change :) oh, and it rhymes.
© Alexandrea Biggs
 Nov 2014 julius
 Nov 2014 julius
here the
cold comes
dark days
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