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Starr Anderson Jan 2017
if i were president
i would tell my people
and make them
know that
if you have more
give more
if you have less
give more
it makes you feel better.

if i were president
i would give
all the foreclosed homes
in America
to the homeless.
when people feel safe,
they feel better
they would grow
and participate in society
they would no longer be homeless.

if i were president
i would tell my people
and make them
know that
societies norm
the one that
we are all scared of
but hide it,
the one that makes us feel judged,
and misunderstood,
that society
should not
and will not
define how we think
because we are stronger than that.

if i
were president
i would be a leader
act like
a leader
talk like
a leader
and be an example
for future leaders.

when i become president.
Starr Anderson Mar 2016
There is a boy that's so perfect
When i look into his eyes i feel like a princess
Our love so strong it can defeat any obstical
Even though sometime we make mistakes

he is my everything
every time i say it, i can feel it in my heart
i love him so much
and i know one day he will be carrying my baby in his arms

he is so perfect
When he is not around my heart becomes sad
I see his face amazing
and i know he will never forget about me.
that he will never stop caring and loving me

Our love is strong our love is perfect
No other boy is as perfect
he is the only one for me
and he is the one that i call mine
*sappy love poem*
Starr Anderson Mar 2016
i cant wait for the day,
i wake up in the morning
     to my baby jumping on my bed.
and i open my eyes,
already laughing.
anf i smell the burning
of toast, while listening
to steps down the hall
to my room.

he walks in,
and i realize
my life is finally,
what ive always
     wanted it to be.
Starr Anderson Sep 2015
wanting time to be closer.
closer to you.
because you make me long.
long to be a better person.
dream to dare the world to fight back and win.
smile so big that no one thinks that im not happy.
and breath.
because without you,
as cliche as this sounds
breathing wouldnt be worth it
Starr Anderson Aug 2015
On the nights that I am crying to myself all night long because I can’t take it anymore, I want someone to text or call me in the middle of one of those nights. Not the ones where I am sleeping away my bottled up pain, not dealing with it. Because those are the nights where I make my worst mistakes. Those are the nights where I tell the wrong person the deepest parts of my heart just to hear them say “just send me one that’s all I need. Then I will feel better too.” But then I realized that if someone called in the middle of one of those kind of nights where I am screaming into my pillow, and crying until I think I have no more tears just to think of something else and cry more, they wouldn’t be able to take care of me like my dad does. He holds me all night, even when I push send. He cries with me and for me because he doesn’t want me to feel this pain. He doesn’t want me to push send, he doesn’t want me to cry over the things my mom said to me in the argument I had with her, he doesn’t want me to think about money problems. He doesn’t want me to feel the pain he already felt for me. He doesn’t want me to hurt forever and not enjoy my earthly life with him holding me every night. He wants me to love life, tell myself that he won’t be the only one to hold me every night, and to remember that one day, I will be with him, every night.
Starr Anderson Aug 2015
I’m wondering
What will happen to me
I’m doubting
Where I will go in the future
I’m thinking

I’m crying

I’m listening

I’m pretending

I’m watching
About all the people I have lost
When no one is holding me
To the people who raised me
But aren’t really there
Because I am always the happy one
The road get more and more bumpy.
Starr Anderson Aug 2015
Wanting. Waiting. For it to happen. So you can finally count on someone, who might actually stay there for a while. So you don’t have to write at 2:51 about the pain you feel. About how you made the shower hotter than normal. Just to deter from making yourself bleed. How you sent that picture to him, the boy you thought you were going to marry. And you still remember the exact moment when he said “Disregard everything I have ever said to you”. You still remember how you gave him everything you were willing to give and he gave you the half *** version. You still think about your first kiss. How lying next to your first real love on the living room floor crying at 530 in the morning. And you want so badly, to feel that again. Everything all of them had said to you. Every single “I love you”. All the times that they told you the miss you, called you princess, bought you flowers just because. You want it. But you are scared that if you fall again. Fall into the wholeness. Into the realness and Trans parity of having someone right next to you. That you will be the one to say the wrong thing, or you will be that girl who just “gets around”. But in the back of your mind. Something is telling you that it is what you are supposed to be doing. That this is the right thing to do. That you want and need this in your life. You need commitment. You need something stable and steady. And he is going to be that for you. That he isn’t just another one of those stupid flings, but the one that just might never go away. In the absolute best way. He will hold you and let you cry. He will tell you good morning and goodnight every day. He will go through all the hoops your parents lay out. And when he says I love you. He means it. When he says he misses you even though you saw him two hours ago. He is serious. When he doesn’t call you princess because he knows how much that word has been used to hurt you in the past. He knows you. He wants you more than you can comprehend.
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