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Jenish 14h
Death is not your aim, Life is not for fame
Between lines of nature’s rhyme,
Luck is not the same.

Mouth is not to mime, lust and luster’s chime
Beggar’s garb on dame,
Why the heart not flame?

Tin of humanity shame, opened loud to blame
Without having the brame,
Uttered vanity claim.

Time is not to tame, minds of ruthless lame
Do your little dime,
Not for name or acclaim.
Jenish 1d
Prelude of blessings in the cradle of nature
Bringing tears in my drained eyes’ stature
Care and love personified as dear mother
Door to the world opened by my father.

Door to the world opened by my father
Care and love personified as dear mother
Bringing tears in my drained eyes’ stature
Prelude of blessings in the cradle of nature.
Jenish 2d
My ardent faith in you leading me to your divine pond where I will flap my tiny hands and swim with you to the other shore.

streak of pleasure rose
as the swimming lesson grows -
swan and little boy
7d · 35
Teats of Love
Jenish 7d
From a distant village, where forest lining the edges, where nature dancing with wild rhythms, where human existence have usual conflicts with minacious wild life, I bought an unparagoned cow.
superbious gait
she glimmered in bright spotlight -
wild domestic breed

In that romantic night, where moon shy to pop out from behind the murky clouds, the queen in the cowshed spend her first night with the howling songs of dogs.
croaking frog's sonnets
blended with loud fearful barks -
greeted the new guest

As the symphony of greetings continued the night and the night after, I was puzzled and forced to look around to meet a vacant sky and under it the haunting darkness.
predawn darkness stood
a veil to my eyes hiding
mysteries of night

Unable to squirrel the burden of anxieties of my quizzical mind, I decided to stay awake to watch the cowshed and my cow under a splendid moonlit night.
mask of truth divulge
laurels stirred in fiery force -
a fine leopard leaped

My abstentious legs dragged back the fleeing heart, and I was rooted trembling as a pole left alone in a cyclone eye.
watchful twinkling eyes
stem the course to silent cow -
fearless mother licked

Astonished to saw the nonchalant cow, licking the beast same her calf, I decided to rend the skies for the jewels of truth behind this precious spectacle of love.
beast lost his wildness
under legs of licking cow -
Leopard lied there low

I took an assiduous journey back to her previous owner with the imagery of a leopard cherished by their benign cow, where I was welcomed by the most baffling story of motherhood.
the truth rushed at last
shivered reminiscence –
fed curious mind

Once a female Leopard lost her way to the erf of human dominance and suffered a pitiful end in their retiform, but before she touched the sacred stream of serenity, a baby was born to the hands of her pursuer.
crying cub was fetched
from dying womb to the barn -
cow turned loving mam

Until the baby Leopard transformed to riotous youth, the halcyon mother cow fed him directly from his teats of love and then one day he was transferred to a faraway forest as an avowal of the law of land.
objections obliged
mother and her son parted -
but distance was dim

Hither to, on every darkest hours of silent nights, the different son visited her foster mother to share his adventures in the distant wild and to cherish the beauty of motherly love and it continues even the mother was transported to another house as the uncouth son followed her to her new abode.
trembled with pleasure
flower of truth opened soft -
fine fragrance of love
Aug 4 · 75
everyday dubiety
Jenish Aug 4
twilight in delight
move with sun or stay with moon -
blushed sky painting red
Jenish Jul 28
Bygone days of childhood
I met a pet, a grave and graceful purring cat
My 'Poppy'

Her coquetry
Still sybarite years cherishing
With love

Oh! she
Dusky colour

Bygone days of childhood
Still sybarite years cherishing
Jul 27 · 109
Blossoming Love
Jenish Jul 27
Boy :-

deep beneath the veil
behind creaking songs of mouth -
felt fragrance of love

Girl :-

nah! torpor dreamer
fret over your own fancies -
stars won't shine the day

Boy :-

rain sweeping over
pall of clouds hiding the sun -
still I waits the smile

Girl :-

before thunder knocks
lightning burns the tweet of love-
not the right day out

Boy :-

burned pile of ashes
blown by the low moaning wind -
shines the fire of love

Girl :-

fling of youthful love
swayed faded chintz of my mind -
stony heart melted
Jul 26 · 42
A Depressed Ant
Jenish Jul 26
Watching the marching ants,
While I wondering their monotonous strife,
A weary one left the line, away he walked to a lonesome land.
Hands on head with faltering gait,
Dearth of joy, he wandered a bit.
There he lied low to the ground,
Kissing mother earth like a depressed ant.
Is he an osculator, mourning on his vacant love?
Or he an emulous one, cudgeled by a better brain?
A miffed rummager of copious grain,
Or he repenting on a horrible crime?
I pondered on his dreadful distress
Longing for the profound stillness.

Watching the painful life, astir my humanity,
Finer ways I posit, to end his endless tomorrows,
From a creative mind, unknown to the quizzical ant,
First I gifted a bubble of water, for him to drown in style.
But he moved in insolent silence,
May be knows the art of swimming!
Then I helped him to the edge of the land,
For a profane jump to the bottomless deep.
A coward fearing height he retreat,
Back to the land panting nervy.
Later I offered bane of death, but he sniffed and moved away.
Then a knot for him to hang, eyeing it he jumped through it.
While my drained splendid mind, puzzled by his mocking insolence
Sneering at my humanity, picking a hill on his shoulder
He walked back to the line of labour, leaving me - the foolish human.
Life is dancing in the background, on the stage of silent death.
Jul 23 · 33
Jenish Jul 23
I was on a plantain branch
Cra cra… Cra cra.. Craa..
She put her bangles on a rock
Cra cra… Cra cra.. Craa..
Glimpse of gold, shined my eyes
Cra cra… Cra cra.. Craa..
I took it and flew back home
Cra cra… Cra cra.. Craa..
A cry of fury trembling hut,
I wonder why she made that fuss.
With a bit of twinge I shout,
“One I took, three with you!”
Still her rage in frenzy mood,
Crowd is fanning flames to grow,
In my nest it shine and rest,
Golden bangles shining lust.
Then I went back looking around,
To watch the jokers in a run,
But my eyes in surprise hunt,
The bustle of hut in deep slumber.
Oh! Again this gold will turn
me a golden queen of crows.
Another bangle on the rock,
I took it and flew back home.
What a foolish bird I’m!
Fallen on their tricky trap.
They found my nest and climbed up tree,
My two bangles went with them.
Jul 22 · 163
River in Flow
Jenish Jul 22
tiny wavelets sang
sonorous songs in delight -
dozing river woke
Jul 21 · 38
Faithless Faith
Jenish Jul 21
“Bound by banks of time, a zillion years had passed before you and a zillion years yet to come; but in this timeline, we never met a GOD as he is a cup of delusion and so don’t fear the sacrilege, if you decide not to drink from that cup since bustle of civilization thrived without him and will continue.” After the speech I silently retired to my room and bowed.

scuttled the true faith
and celestial opulence -
I beg Your mercy.
Jul 15 · 73
Jenish Jul 15
rain rake rattling raft
river roared ravenously -
rider relished ride
Jul 14 · 49
Jenish Jul 14
success, a mirage
which opposition foretells;
till the time arrive
drink the cup of delusion!
Is life a void race to win?
Jul 13 · 238
Jenish Jul 13
queasy queen questions
quirky quail's quivery quacks -
quill quietly quit
Jul 9 · 64
surfing on the waves
Jenish Jul 9
rider bridled wave
carving through the curving crown -
ebullient sea smiled
Jul 8 · 56
I Wish To Be..
Jenish Jul 8
I wish to be the gentle breeze
Sweeping tearful eyes
Of the weary midday flower.
Or to be the horrid shadow
Casting fearful darkness
For a passer-by to rest.
A rippling river of white
I wish to be the one
Drenching thirst of arid earth.
Or to be a dancing wave
Of the mighty sea
Playing with a child.
A guild of fleeting clouds
Hiding splendid sun
For a homeless soul
Or the canopy of green
Thwarting rain for a home
I wish to be the one.
I wish to be a cresset
Guiding glimpse of hope
In the prosaic paths of pangs
Or to be a firefly
In the dim toilsome journey
Of a soul to his divine home.
Jul 7 · 44
perfect playmate
Jenish Jul 7
puny pink primrose
pursuing phantom pleasure
pecking playful puff
Jul 6 · 53
beauty burst
Jenish Jul 6
buff blossoms bringing
bright bubbling blissful blessings -
benign brain bewitched
Jul 5 · 69
my own sky
Jenish Jul 5
in my changeless sky
clouds of thoughts are passing by -
shining sun smiling
Jul 2 · 68
A Tale of Bravery
Jenish Jul 2
The welcome sun gilded, the mighty seven mountain peaks
As fingers adorned with rings, they lay aloft our eyes
Beneath our feet, the silent sleeping snowy snake
Conquered on the kiss of cold, a cambered frozen line.

The eternal night of valour, written in silver past
Still shining in the faces of unshuffled uniforms of bravery
Twenty daring sons of motherland, in the ticking clock of darkness
On the giddy throng of foes, fallen lightning strokes.

Time was what they need, till the distant succour
They fought an infinite war, fringing their martyrdom
Until the land kisses, the unclouded moment of victory
For the present cradles to sing, made their last salute.
Jul 1 · 160
Alone and all alone
Jenish Jul 1
Alone in my thoughts, I waited on the railway bench
Oh, my muddled mind started surveying past,
Yes, it was a year ago we sat there sharing hearts
On that same bench, her reminiscence all around

Grace was her other name, a bubble of infinite grace
I heard in her every talk, strains of plaintive music,
A girl I adore a lot, an eternal love we promised to share,
But my gilded lies failed to die, and in time, my eyes failed to shine.

Oh! Is it me or her?
Who wants to break away?
Beneath the ticking clock
Again we met to wrangle.
Moment of anger..
And of ego..
At present alone I sat..
A midday sun of misery..
Alone and all alone..
Jun 29 · 91
Acid Tears
Jenish Jun 29
Under the passing smile he nourished his monstrous collusion
Plunder the face, while my shattered mirror fallen in confusion
Hunter shammed in the veil of love, pursued the pleasure of delusion
Thunder struck into a litter pile, driven me to a life in seclusion
Wonder how the hostile acid, deformed my face into exclusion
Sunder my life into an isle, the immense vacuity of illusion.
Jun 24 · 74
Maze of Mind
Jenish Jun 24
With timid steps and a trembling heart
I walked through verdant barren paths.
Toward a rusty gate it took my feet
Into a garden of roses among the weeds.
Carmine flowers, dripping in blood
Wrung my heart in pain of fear.
They caught me from every side
With their lithe and sharp thorny fingers.
Raveled in clutches of copious wines
Turning and twisting I struggled to escape.
Evening shades pirouetting ghosts
Trapped in light tracing fiery faces.
Pouring perspiration pooled my feet
Shedding grappling thoughts I decided to run.
Back to the sinuous path,
Away from the puzzle of life,
Till I reached the black bricked wall,
Beyond it I lost my memories,
Maze of mind closing behind me.
Jun 23 · 88
summer heat
Jenish Jun 23
parched earth whining for
single droplet of water -
crimson sun blazing.

flush of anger drive
the trifling clouds to hideout -
lone sun ruling sky.
Jun 22 · 70
shine your lights
Jenish Jun 22
grey twilight waiting
for darkness of ignorance -
let truth of lights lit.
Jun 21 · 108
Sit beside my bed
Jenish Jun 21
Sit beside my bed
Sit beside my bed
Before my breath starts counting to naught
One more last time
For many lives to come
Let our eyes meet once again to love
Before they part..

Let me once more smell the fragrance of you
The fragrance which I adore to keep
My breath will take the last smell and go
Along with it your memories will flow

Let me once more touch your wrinkled fingers
Once so soft like a wet rose petal
Smothered in roses under the grave
Those rubbing fingers alone will stay.

Let my heart again melt on your heat
The heat once covered me in vile winter colds
The warmth of your hugs and kisses of dew
Will fly with me to the heaven high.

While last slanting rays glaring my eyes
Sit beside my bed
Sit beside my bed..
Jun 20 · 83
buzzing wife
Jenish Jun 20
on the wake of day
ah! I stir her hornet nest -
now longing sunset.
Jun 18 · 67
An Ode To The Words
Jenish Jun 18
Oh words, open your gates and relish my thoughts
Without your shoulder, my walks are crippled
You are the might and the sight of the mind
Without you, we are just vacant glitters.
Every phantasm of emotions I create
Without you are vanity utters
Adamantine walls shatter at your grace
Touching hearts in soothing pace.
Oh words, fill my mind with the water of holy lakes
To cool those with blazing wrath
And to revile and extol those fantastic souls
And with my foolish wrangle let me amuse.
But I will control the natural urge to misuse
The patrimony of eminence of your creator
I perceive you as a two edged sword
Killing the aim and the aimer with no mercy.
So come and transform my trumpery pen
To a magic wand of flowing emotions.
Jun 17 · 167
A Scribbled Page
Jenish Jun 17
I’m a page of the book of life
Once pure and lure and white as white
Oh! Now tinged with too many inks
Still many are waiting to scribble a few.
With puny hands some wrote me soft
Some are harsh they tear my heart
Supple hands draw labyrinth lines
My prosaic precincts some plundered and pierced.
Now the book is with a naughty child
He tears the pages as he please
One by one or bunches of many
My weary long page will last in his jest.
Jun 16 · 60
Wheel of Wealth
Jenish Jun 16
Wealth is a wheel which
vice and virtue turning well.
Solo vice follows,
fain to the wealthy abodes.
Why virtue is left behind?
Jun 14 · 82
Candle of Faith
Jenish Jun 14
I wish to love you, like the moth for the light,
Flickering your fire and ending on its heat.
I will shed my soft wings before your might
And embrace the grace, melting at your feet.

While the seasons refine, again my wings will sprout
And then with intense love, I will fly around.
Hear my little jingle, Oh! God I devout
If many lives given, on your candle I inbound.
Jun 13 · 71
Not an ear to be read
Jenish Jun 13
I laid my head in an ocean of heather,
Drinking panorama of silent weather,
Life still ahead.

When swarthy sky sent the messengers of night,
My lost time started grappling with dreams in fight,
Left miles to tread.

Down the bed of heather, resting in timeless world,
Echoes of silent words, yet to be uttered swirled,
Not an ear to be read.
Jenish Jun 12
Heart in melodious mute,
Impressions of my mind fuse,
Eyelids got amazed and pause,
Until you gorgeously passed.

Eloquence of fervid glance,
Plunges in my hollow heart,
Exuberant fragrance danced,
Earth exhibits show so grand.

Lively lives dived into frames,
Divine ink lavishly paint,
Sunny spring swept stifled graves,
Bid a night to spare and fade.
Jun 11 · 121
The Boat
Jenish Jun 11
the boat to heaven
roving arcanum of life
have truth at the wheel.
Jun 10 · 114
Grows the night
Jenish Jun 10
Grows the night, tremulous passage nigh
Aught of earth ushered my boat of hope
Tint of virtue brightening cressets
Lights of love, I left behind the shore.

Grows the night, for the glitter I rove
For the lost heaven fringing my fate
Hue of kindness, I shown in the land
Eased the pain of death, while grows the night.
Jun 9 · 78
The bath
Jenish Jun 9
the effulgent sun
dipping everyday in the
river of darkness.
what lose, burning him as fire?
what blame, he bathing away?
Jun 8 · 98
The Piano
Jenish Jun 8
tuneless piano
silently singing
the truth of silence.
Jun 7 · 172
Jenish Jun 7
Inside every colour of skin
There flows a river of red.
Inside every river of thoughts
There binds a piece of mind.
Inside every piece of mind
There blows a stroke of soul.
Inside every stroke of soul
There falls the hands of God.
Jun 4 · 76
The Kiss
Jenish Jun 4
kiss on faded face
revived recollection of
long lost wizened youth.
Jenish Jun 3
for a fresh fragrance
the tender petal bearing -
pang of her life time
Jun 2 · 69
Jenish Jun 2
from cradle to grave
a beam of sunshine paving
my way to the God.
May 27 · 67
One more
Jenish May 27
How I wish to live a life, like any child of naughty five
Cry and smile with an empty heart, and sleep at night without hurts
Ah! how many springs passed through me, still I longed to have one more.
May 26 · 73
I Thank!
Jenish May 26
World of dreams in her *****, pain of the earth bearing with ease
Days and nights were spared in fire, wishes and tastes for her blossom
Oh mothers! Bowing on your angelic gentleness, I thank.
May 25 · 59
Jenish May 25
Ah! Drop your prejudice and hear
I lost my love, fortnights ago
My weeping tears dried-up
Searching for my last name.
With solo flashlight wandering
Among scattered droplets of war.
May 24 · 88
Ball of Time
Jenish May 24
Rolling ball in a football court, passing from one to other
Fouling some with dribbling skill, bouncing well, flying slow and fast
Ball of time, oh! passing by, hit at time will celebrate best.
May 23 · 75
Fireflies of Lies
Jenish May 23
Fireflies of lies souring high, where pristine truth couldn't follow nigh
Like stupid ant sorting out, sand and sugar in just a kiss
I caught fireflies amid fallen leaves, blowing for fire of truth.
May 22 · 88
Let World Smile
Jenish May 22
Born with a cry and will doom in a smile,
between three dots left spaces to fill.
Fate and luck played big casinos,
but my dreams whizzed the yacht.
Breeze of love showed my way,
faith in God, propelled.
Before my boat,
kisses shore;
let world,
May 21 · 27
Without a Parting Kiss
Jenish May 21
Running with the van of death, till her legs couldn't defeat the wheels
Lonely road in awful calmth, not a shoulder for cry and share
Covid hit her love went far, without even a parting kiss.
May 20 · 68
I set a fire
Jenish May 20
Colorful days pouring like snow, winter not but so cold inside
Picking them in baskets of memories, I set a hell fire of love
Let my days burn into ashes, spreading heat to loving dear ones.
May 19 · 181
Dance of Death
Jenish May 19
The dragon dance of death,
Born in silent Wuhan
Round and round far it goes,
Filling ballrooms of Rome
Hip Hop, Tap, Rock and Roll
Taking breaths of poor souls
Healthy youth fit to dance,
Saving our elder lives.
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