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Spelz Oct 2021
It wasn’t that he drank of her that bothered him,
But that he drank so deeply.
Knowing “Full Well” the glass belonged to another.

That he was human and that he fell to a more savage instinct. That night he understood his humanity and it scared him.

As she lay in his arms he could feel her savoring the last moments of elation. But there was a distant sadness.

It was as though she knew what she’d return to. And that scared her.
Spelz Dec 2020
...But such is our relationship with destiny. She smiles and offers tales of honor and glory if you are courageous. Immense wealth if you are clever, and stability with peace for hard work and honesty. Should you show love, she may even grant you life in the form of children. Take from her what you will, for eventually she will betray you for death. Every single time... For that is whom she is truly in love with.
Spelz Apr 2017
...Yet I still have visions of
Death and his father,

Disconsolate and privy
The tears of his mother

His love for her deep but
No one should know,
For her burden is heavy,
And her shoulders are low

6 billion,
7 billion,
she rotates all the more...

And yet I still have these visions
Of death and his father,

Furrowing along space without
Sister nor brother,
Sitting by his feet gaining his wisdom
Like fodder

The unenviable task,
Despised by all,
Such a burden to bear
Such a levy to toll...
Spelz Mar 2017
In the third eye of symmetry
Never mind the strings of beauty (words)
If the outcome is poetry


So long as man dreams

Never mind hymns of danger
If you're moving on heroically

Such is a poets causality.

He knows not the construct of words from ordinary men. They lack structure, rhyme and purpose. They are the ramblings of those who can not see,
Those who cannot feel
And those...
Those he cannot be.
Spelz Mar 2017
She asked me why my song is so sad and beautiful
I told her it's because there's
Broken glass on the strings I play

But I play anyway...
Spelz Jan 2017
From solstice to solstice,
Equinox at the door.
From doorstep to doorstep,
the moon is in awe.
Spelz Jun 2016
Bless the naive heart that knows not the invention of a woman's manipulation.
For it glows in the darkness of desperation...
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