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maria Aug 25
how many times have I tried to text you “I love you”, just to erase it before pressing send? too many times to count.
maria Apr 17
I broke and ended up initiating plans
It’s wise to not share space alone
Inside four walls, I wander
Almost forget who I am and
Run to the arms of another
I wonder if there will be a day
when you don’t cross my mind?
maria Feb 8
felt like a high school daydream
you pointed out constellations,
but the wind hurt my face and I just wanted to wrap myself in you
On the swings, I asked you to push me
claiming I wanted help building momentum
but it was an excuse to be touched by you
I am shameless
I am sad
my mind is beautiful and soft and hopes that you feel as anxious and dizzy around me as I do around you.
maria Jan 26
how long until I find another that will crack  me right open?
maria Jan 17
I vibrate at a different frequency
It lingers for hours after
I’m dizzy with want
maria Jan 17
of not being anything more
of you making me full body laugh
of me suppressing all the things I want to say
of me fighting what my body wants to do
maria Dec 2020
I cannot understand why two halves make a whole. Yet, you and I don’t.

I cannot understand my cat wants kisses immediately after breaking my skin.

I cannot understand why I’m here and not falling down a hill.

I cannot understand why I have all the ingredients to make happiness yet it evades me.
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