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Even when I'm lost,
I come back here,
to these pages,

I tell them about you; my love,
about me; my lust,
write down my thoughts; my loss,

so even when I'm gone,
you can always,
find me in these pages,

hear my cries; my tears,
share my lies; my fears,
feel my love; my dear.
I live through my poetry.
You can sink deeper,
deeper in my mind,
as you drown in my thoughts,
drown in this thought,
hold your breath,
follow the signs,
follow the sounds,
you'll hear your name a lot.

I can imprison you,
have you in my heart,
am I the prisoner?
bathe in my love,
lips say I love you,
out loud,
heart says I need you,
need you around.
Just look around
She lives in my daydreams,
stealing me from reality,
from the one that looks like her,
that is her.
All I think about is being with  her
what's up,
it's not the same,
this way,
I can read what you're saying,
I can hear what you're saying,
but I can't hear you at all,
the look in your eyes is silent,
the pain in your voice is silent,
your laugh is silent,
I can't love in silence,
I cry when I realize that,
I may not hear you again.
I hate texting
Your pain and kindness,
is a love I once knew,
the taste of your lips,
is something I never knew,
the kissing and touching,
is something new,
but not to me,
or you.
I missed you, I'm back now
No one knows me,
like the pages of this book,
the tears that fell,
the tears that wanted to fall,
the meaning,
the feelings,
in each letter,
the intent,
in every word,
the surprise,
in the end,
good and bad,
is my escape form life without pages,
because I don't know when my story will end.
Poetry, my friend
A single tear,
a million cries,
a million fears,
produces a single sigh,
one cut,
leads to a million stitches.
Reopening old wounds.
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