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Mystkue Writings Oct 2018
We say our exes are our exes for a reason.
Let it be lessons you learned helped you grow
Why let history repeat itself in a new season?
Don’t be the ex,
Trying to ***** over the next-
‘Cause you emotionally attached.
For this clandestine will bring you to an all time low.
You see.
Your ex, might just hurt the next-
With the revelations of y’all meetings
Whether it’s the secrecy or even the frequency
You must know they more inclined to make up before they break up
You see you the ex
And when it was y’all time,
Did you both put forth the effort to try your best
It’s apparent that you had break up,
‘Cause there was no more for either party to gain, if you made up.
That’s why-
We say our exes are our exes for a reason
You’re not their scapegoat or justification for treason.
Mystkue Writings Aug 2018
My daddy was a woman beater

But she didn’t care as long as he didn’t cheat her
She valued that hit
Like it was twist of that good kush
On some cloud nine, Heroine Ish

After every episode
She’d still move with such grace
Pleading things, like
he’s just sick
He’s really a kind man
He’s not cruel.
Just sick!

She believed so much in his lies
Her nightly cries became uniform
As he.....
Mutilated her pretty face
Leaving battle scars
Some verbal, without a trace
Those cries became her lullabies
I remember it like it was yesterday
Until one night she stopped putting up a fight
Her lungs collasped
Causing a vein to bust
And people always said you can’t die from heart ache and mistrust
But I watched him
as he watched the spirit from her eyes disintegrate
he placed his peace sign
Over her like it was his final goodbye
He simply smiled and said until next time
Then he took a dramatic pause
Kissed her forehead
Thanked her even
I continued to watch him, conflicted and confused
I watched him **** my mother then thank her
I saw him **** my mother
The one who loved him like no other
I pondered. . . Why did he thank her
It wasn’t until his stature blocked my light
My bulb went off
Remember I said. . .

My daddy was a woman beater
He thanked her cause I was next
Back then was when I was 5
You can celebrate
‘Cause I just turned 30
I survived.
Mystkue Writings Aug 2018
I’d fly afar reminiscent of birds
Bravery soaring depths and ferocious heights
Embodying courage of strength by wingspan
Observing perspectives shedding luminescence: Freedom, paradigms
Bridging pathways between God and Us
Gliding by carrying wisdom of life.
Mystkue Writings Aug 2018
Did you know that every time he searched your eyes,
While he pushed deep-
That his emotions passion and lust was equivalent to her?
For every time he traced his finger tip down your spine;
your hands grasped to cover more surface.
as you braced for smooth impact.
He only understood the similar love language he shared with her.
With you-
craving of possessive feelings,
Proving your worth to him
asking for time via a clock whom hands couldn’t unwind
A Minaj a trios-
unbeknownst to you existed,
Co-starring you
For every soft connection within each curve...
Your identity was a reflection of another.
For all the things you projected
His capability of taking you to ecstasy,
Lead you here
Had you any clue?
This little game called life,
Excluded the other woman (you).

— The End —