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MJL  Feb 19
Uber Star
MJL Feb 19
Muddy doors shut
Alligator mess nipping
Confined dirt bubble
Air taint
B. O.
Stale fries
Sanitizer plans
You expect a tip
We have different tips in mind
Spicy no-star to go
Uber sad
S G Arndt Aug 14
It is concerning how our society’s flaws keep surfacing. And what do we do? We sit back— in awe, due to the perplexity of it all. This cycle— this ****** cycle— will be upsetting forevermore.
Sam Hawkins  Jun 2017
Sam Hawkins Jun 2017
Gratitude felt like a handshake coming back.

Spring green leaf calling
made echoes in me.

What a family this is!
Now that I have ears to hear!

In every cell of me,
a Universe.

In every Universe of me
magnificent trees

dropping discreet
and sometimes upsetting
Angge Nov 2015
Looks like we're back to square one.
You're single yet again and out for some fun.
I get the feeling we're about to enter another cycle,
Where you become part of the group [again] and be someone vital.

Our situation is endearing yet upsetting.
Regardless, we take you under our wing.
Treat you just like before,
Make sure your tears are no more.

As much as it is painful to admit,
It may only be a matter of time before you commit
To a new found love, your precious,
Someone who leaves you giddy and breathless.

Despite all these,
Know we're easy to please.
You need not change anything.
Just don't treat our friendship as nothing.
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