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Tanya Chaudhary Jan 2015
Someone, somewhere believes that they love someone in the same way I love you.
Someone, somewhere is watching their first movie together & are waiting in the queue.
Someone, somewhere is celebrating their first moment of holding hands.
Someone, somewhere is politely accepting the other’s whims and commands.  
Someone, somewhere is experiencing the rush of many butterflies twiddling in their stomach.
Someone, somewhere is kissed for the first time & is profoundly dumbstruck.
Someone, somewhere is being captivated by their thrilling dreams.
Someone, somewhere is waking up to screams.
Someone, somewhere is sharing their last kiss with the thought of no longer being together.
Someone, somewhere is wrapping their anniversary gift to spend many more years forever.
Someone, somewhere is watching an extraordinary sunset with no one by their side.
Someone, somewhere is cracking up, laughing on the stupid antics of a child.
Someone, somewhere is caught between falling in love with themselves and wishing they were someone else.
Someone, somewhere is packing their bags to see the world with someone else.
Someone, somewhere is dancing to ecstasy to the first text message of their crush.
Someone, somewhere is whispering sweet nothing’s to someone else. Someone, somewhere just blushed.
Someone, somewhere is staring at the peaceful face of the person sleeping by their side.
Someone, somewhere is awake the whole night to just watch this.
Someone, somewhere is pondering on the worth of their eyes, if it wasn't to see this.
Someone, somewhere is bleeding blank sheets, penning words that fail them.
Someone, somewhere just opened their eyes to a new landscape, a new sun.
Someone, somewhere is saying a new hello. Someone, somewhere is bidding an old goodbye.
Someone, somewhere is killing their flesh, their soul is with someone else.
Someone, somewhere is desperately wishing, craving with every petal of a red rose they throw, or tearing their eyelashes and renouncing it in the air, crossing the fingers of their left hand, then their right hand or stargazing on a starless night in a hope that a star will fall and they can pray for their some-one.
Someone, somewhere thinks they love someone else exactly like I love you.
*Someone, somewhere is entirely wrong.
Kelsey Aug 2014
Somewhere there is a nurse putting clean sheets on what was once someone's death bed. Somewhere there is a police officer laying awake at two in the morning contemplating breaking his thumbs so he won't have to pull another trigger. Somewhere there is a body bag taking the shape of a person. Somewhere a warden has accidentally called a prisoner by their first name. Somewhere there is a man getting ready to pay for his glass of whiskey, his '1 year' AA token falls out of his wallet onto the bar counter. Somewhere the glass is completely empty, somewhere it's overflowing. Somewhere a therapist sitting in an empty session reading the local newspaper's obituary section wondering what she could've done. Somewhere a bullet has fallen in love with a heart, giving a whole new meaning to the 'kiss of death'. Somewhere the girl that never speaks is raising her hand but immediately putting it back down after the sound of her classmates' laughter bounces back and forth from the back of her mind to the front. Somewhere the silence at the dinner table is making a dent in a child's suit of armor. Somewhere a 70 year old man starts skipping instead of walking, he stops taking his medication. Somewhere there is a mother too drunk to sign her daughter's permission slip. Somewhere a man has stolen all of the flowers from a grave, so he can somehow feel as though he's  being missed. Somewhere a child is asked what she wants to be when she grows up, she realizes ''myself'' isn't a good enough answer. Somewhere a mirror has been mistaken for a stranger. Somewhere someone is being loved by another person the only way they know how to love; whether it's through kisses, bruises, sleeping too closely to the other, or fifteen missed calls. Somewhere a man is falling in love with the automated voice inside of a voice mail because at least she will listen to him. Somewhere a 911 operator is walking into her house, hearing screams that aren't actually there. Somewhere these short stories are being broadcasted on the news,  printed in the paper, whispered to a friend, or rotting in the back of someone's head. Somewhere I am whispering all of these things to a silent room full of people, none of them look up.
Eric Shields May 2018
Somewhere in my memory there is a smile
One that has to hurt cheeks, one that barley fits a face
Somewhere in my memory there is a dirt road
And there is you
just ahead of me, you, looking back
You are wearing it with the streaming sunlight
Dazzling, moving in slow motion, my memory,
Gliding looking back at me smiling
And I can feel it, the tension of my own cheeks
The pull the of the moment
That somewhere in my memory I go to
when someone says your name
Like a small second long movie clip
Projected in front of me
While it folds into reality
The edges yellowing in the blue sky
And gravel road, the bubbling of the scene
Like a film roll burning mid show
Shaking me back to whatever in the present
Demands my attention

Somewhere in my memory there are fast food wrappers on the dash
They are faded and forgotten, sun bleached
Somewhere in my memory there is you cradled in the passenger seat
Leaned back, sipping on a slur-*** cup
Laughing at joke I cant remember

Somewhere in my memory the parking lot lights
Are only stars we were gonna get that night
Somewhere it starts to rain
I smell it through the open window pane
Thick and filled with nostalgia
The way every moment I have with you ever was

Somewhere in my memory you are crying, folding in on yourself
Knees to chest head buried,
somewhere I am sorry
Somewhere back there deep there are things I cant change
Somewhere in my memory, I'd like too

Somewhere in my memory I am posing cliff side
Crooked smiled and sun burnt, somewhere you have that camera
Pushed to your face concentration hidden beneath
Lens adjusting hands, lip bit and beautiful
Somewhere we ask for someone to take one of both us
Where it hangs not just in my memory but on our wall

Somewhere in my memory there was a time when you are not
Somewhere there are good memories that are missing you
And although I wish you could have been its not the truth
But From now on I wont have too

Somewhere in my memory there will be this moment
Me, wide eyed breathless and hanging on it
You beautiful and smiling through it

Valerie May 2011
He reminds me of somewhere I'd like to hide
Somewhere warm, somewhere sweet
He reminds me of somewhere I'd like to sleep
Soundly, quietly.

In his hair I find my hands
Searching for what haunts him
But gliding through every strand
I soothe him with my love.

He reminds me of somewhere I'd like to find
Somewhere lush, somewhere bright
He reminds me of somewhere I'd like to play
Wildly, freely.

In my arms I hold him close
Covering his skin with my soul
Goosebumps, on each others skin
I love him with my body.

He reminds me of somewhere I'd like to seek
Somewhere dangerous, somewhere high
He reminds me of somewhere I'd like to run
Quickly, simply.

In his eyes I see the signs
Locking our gaze of flowers
Smiles, stretching our mouths
I speak to him in song.

He reminds me of somewhere I'd like to be
Somewhere far, somewhere clean
He reminds me of somewhere I'd like to keep
In my heart, in my soul.
SSK<3  AKA: Valerie Garcia
N  Nov 2014
N Nov 2014
Somewhere, right now, soulmates are meeting.
Somewhere, right now, lovers are departing.
Somewhere right now, a lonely man is sipping the last drops of his fifth bottle.
Somewhere, a daughter is watching her father drive away for the last time.
Somewhere a little boy sits with a therapist locking words under his tongue.
Somewhere a blade is being introduced to raw flesh.
Somewhere, right now a young life is being put in the ground, with a psychiatrist pondering at what he could have done to save her.
Somewhere right now, pettles are being ripped from flowers by hearts wondering if they're loved.
Somewhere right now a nurse is changing the sheets on what used to be a death bed.
Somewhere right now, a ship is sinking into the bottom of deep waters that don't promise revival.
Somewhere right now someone is crying out to a God who doesn't exist to listen.
Somewhere right now hands are being held in the back of churches in remembrance of loved ones gone.
Somewhere a song is playing that brings tears to the eyes of ones who haven't lived long enough to feel.
Somewhere letters are being sent to houses that are vacant.
Somewhere doors are being shut in the faces of those who have never known what its like to crave loneliness.
Somewhere there are all these things.
I'm here, you're there.
I don't know where there is; but its lucky to have you.
Sprishya Sep 2013
Somewhere in you I see the love I lost
Somewhere in you I see the love I've been aching to find
Somewhere in you I see myself happy
Free from the emotional trauma I go through everyday
A release I've been waiting for
Somewhere in you lies that touch that could make me forget
That the world exists
Where people stab each other's back just to be more comfortable
Somewhere in you I see salvation
A door into heaven where i see myself holding the hand of god
While kissing the lips of angels for eternity
Somewhere in you I see me loving you
With all my heart, caring for you
Growing old with you
Taking my last breath right next to you

Somewhere in you I see a darkness
So deep that it frightens me to explore
Somewhere in you lies the hell where I know i'll end up
Somewhere in you I see my heart destined to break again    
A painful journey that I know I'll take again
A withered tree refusing to bloom again
Somewhere in you is a knife ready to stab me
While my heart screams " no more"
Please no more
I am better off lonely
Looking at the stars and reminiscing what could've been
Somewhere in you I see a pool of tears
That I know you're gonna drown me in
While I fight for each breath,  refusing to give up
Though I might already be dead
Somewhere in you lies my deepest fear that I refuse to face
Yet every inch of me craves to be
Somewhere in you.

(Kathmandu, Nepal 9/27/13)
If I could be anywhere right now I wouldn't be here
If I could be anywhere right now I'd be somewhere
Somewhere where beauty thrives and lives in a way
that draws out a breath of awe
from the depths of my lungs
Somewhere where excitement lights up my eyes
with an eager flip of the switch
Somewhere where I greedily take in every stimuli
without feeling an ounce of guilt
because I know it's there for me to wonder at
If I could be anywhere right now I would
I would go, I would race, I would journey, I would be anywhere
Somewhere I will open my arms to embrace life as it is
Somewhere I will cuddle into the atmosphere
as a lover cuddles into the arms of their significant other
surrounded by both comfort and safety but also by thrill
Somewhere I will not only act as my best self
but I will be my best self
my true self without holding back
If I could be anywhere right now I would be somewhere
I would be in my somewhere
Somewhere I love
Somewhere I cherish
Somewhere I belong
If I could be anywhere right now I would be there
mk  Jun 2018
mk Jun 2018
somewhere between i miss you and i'll leave you
somewhere between you love me and you hate me
somewhere between the oceans and the air
somewhere between ****** and self-sacrifice
we're somewhere between the years and the memories
somewhere between let's start over and let's begin
somewhere between let it end and let it end
somewhere between i love you and you're still mine
somewhere between i'm killing it and i'm not fine
somewhere between come home and take me home
we're somewhere between the ages and the past
somewhere between the first and the last
they say the first year is always the hardest
but i'm still somewhere between ecstasy and death
do you want to start over? or just let it end?
Paras Bajaj Jan 2019
Someone, somewhere is creating life.
Someone, somewhere is ending it.
Someone, somewhere is loving life
Someone, somewhere is pretending it.
Someone, somewhere is getting loved.
Someone, somewhere is getting hurt.
Someone, somewhere is making promises
Someone, somewhere is breaking trust.
Someone, somewhere is telling lies
Someone, somewhere is believing it.
Someone, somewhere is causing pain
Someone, somewhere is healing it.

-Paras Bajaj #PoetrybyParas
Instagram : @mr.parasbajaj
M  Jan 2014
M Jan 2014
I was somewhere where I was enticed enough that I forgot to call home, I forgot to check social media, I forgot to respond to texts, I forgot I had a different life somewhere else. I forgot that public transportation stresses me out, and I also forgot about how meeting new people can put me on edge. I was somewhere fresh and new, somewhere that made me independent, open, curious and even more so adventurous than I already am. I was somewhere where my eyes shone brighter than the street lamps and sky scrapers. I was somewhere where no one knew me and as cliché as it is, I could be whoever I wanted to be. I was somewhere new, and I could feel it in my bones.

I hope everyone finds a place like that, somewhere that's so encompassing and captivating that wherever you were before seems small and outgrown. I hope everyone wakes up in a place they love someday, in a place they realize they can be and do and say what they want. I hope everyone walks outside and realizes that where you are now doesn't have to be where you'll be forever.

I was somewhere so enticing and beautiful that it made me realize I can be those things too. I hope I end up somewhere where the stars shine as bright as I do, where my love for wherever I may be is as vast as the sky. I'll end up somewhere someday, and I've never been so ready to find my somewhere out there.
Robby Cale Feb 2010
Somewhere up in here,
All is not well.
It's just a bit too much,
What with those pesky dunce capped gnomes
Prancing about,
Bending gears,
Building steam,
boiling my brain to a blistering sizzling simmer.
I wake up thinner,
Drenched in sweat,
Knowing this will all unfold again tomorrow.
And somewhere up in here,
My friends might actually care about our ever fading dreams,
Because somewhere up in here,
A slip winking sandman keeps whispering my name,
Beckoning me off to New Nevermore
To make peace between the
High minded
Time biding Rhymenians,
And the ever aggressive
Yet articulate Alliterations,
And somewhere up in here,
I Houdini shall lull you into trance.
Ladies and gentlemen!
This shpeel is going just great
As it grates against your senses
Like white wine and cheese
At a dinner party execution.
See I am but a savory hor dourve.
A fleeting morsel between meals
As *** hurts the ones it loves,
A walking talking come on *** conundrum
To come chew you up and stress you out.
Because somewhere up in here,
I mark hours lost in response
To Craigslist fembot synothstitutes..
Wow! You're single too?
We should chat sometime.
Just sign up or register here.
And somewhere up in here,
I'm walk mouthing these very words.
Etching perfection as ogling onlookers
Or misguided miscreants
Manage to mistake me  
For a bumbling bluetooth businessman,
Or maybe just another tired old transient
Mumbling profanities to the wind.
And somewhere up in here,
A cop car could almost pass
For a techno rave on wheels,
While your toothbrush keeps taunting
The spinach fondeaux
Haunting my bicuspids.
And somewhere up in here,
I'm sinking these very teeth
Into a good ol' fashioned mystery.
The hunt for the black hounding hole
Wreaking havoc by hide and seeking
From behind my couch,
Pulling back slowly
Only to
Pounce upon my keys, wallet,
Anything in reach.
And somewhere up in here,
My confidential caseload clients
May someday taste freedom
From their self-induced CIA phone taps,
And from those clasp howling clowns in wolves clothing,
Clawing and skat skrat skratching
From behind those thin plaster walls,
impatiently playing for their in-patient souls.
And thinking of them,
Somewhere up in here,
I find good reason to be happy.
As if God truly cares
Even if and when misfortune falls.
So somewhere way down deep,
Below the basement,
Buried beneath old grocery lists and aspirations,
Behind my rusty hotwheels and broken jalopy dreams,
There is a perfect ending
Where you know
Exactly what I'm thinking.
Ajibade Da Silva Nov 2016
Somewhere their is a fond eye
Eyes only fond of me
Somewhere their is a touch
A touch only for me
Somewhere their is admiration
Admiration tempered for me
Somewhere their is inspiration
inspiration for all yet choosing to
Most inspire me

Somewhere their is a mind
A mind made to stir my mind riding
Somewhere their is a dream
A dream for me
Somewhere their is a choice
A choice, choosing me

Somewhere their is a warm embrace
A warm embrace to comfort my torment
Somewhere their is an ear
An ear I can bare it all
Somewhere their is a heart
A heart I can share me soul & find intimacy
Somewhere their is joy & love
A joy & love weathered just for mí
Somewhere their is a countenance
A countenance of true fidelity...a trust of serenity
Somewhere where art thou..

— The End —