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  Jun 2018 Ajibade Da Silva
Well...first I'd probably pay off all my student loans

And with the rest of the $10, i don't know.....

Chipotle or taco bell maybe?
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Ajibade Da Silva Jan 2017
Where what she wears
wears on their fancies
to fancy or not to fancy
it't the Josephine's Jones'
hoow to snap chat herr
Slide in GraSM
Spin GRams fa hur
Chase C.R.E.A.M fa her
flirt with RÔUS!

Watch the hour glass for her
moves on moves
what does she do it for
She does it for her...
HER,HEr and Hers'
Just stuntin' on the  next bih
Did it for the ratchet
Flex on dat bih
She in her feelings like a Bih
Watch wonder why
Wonder why she do it four

AYe what  you about that...
the interactions of attentions amongst the felines anD the Frey...
Ajibade Da Silva Dec 2016
They are all
Pieces of a larger work
A tapestry of your life's creativity
Threads of your existence...
Ajibade Da Silva Dec 2016
Where the mind wanders...we find the beginning estimates of
Ajibade Da Silva Dec 2016
The diversity of the human creativity fancies the mind to the breadth of the creative expanse...the pleasure of the senses being aroused by the majesty of creative expression is like a sweet ethereal salivation.
Ajibade Da Silva Dec 2016
Who will cry for her when her institutional
prejudices erode her foundations like
termites to a grand mansion

Show her that she can be better

Tell her she is the dream of America
Ajibade Da Silva Dec 2016
Give peace
Have peace in return
Water is life
Have a sip
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