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Bilal Kaci Dec 2013
I stood in front of the big glass doors
Of some sub urban shopping mall
Conversations buzzing by
Like flies in a bathroom stall
What a ******* ****, Break up with him!
Honey I love you
Overdressed teenagers, women with fur coats
Broke fathers
Rich housewives
So bland yet so intricate
So doltish, yet so innocent

*And oh so bizarre
© 2013 Bilal Kaci (All rights reserved)
Reggine Sumiyama Sep 2018
Here I scatter the ashes of our Wednesdays
and throw dirt on our names because we fell into a stupor of unsaid goodbyes and insincere apologies.

I take my time trying to unclench my fist,
after all, release is only sweet when you feel suffocated.

I always made sure to adjust my grasp to your comfort,
present my entirety as if you owned more than a half of what I used to be.
I remember you in things that have no heartbeat, but a pulse of regret and anger that devours it, and to think you swore you would keep me alive.

In Binondo, you taught me how to eat street foods, walk in the crowded places, sit still on taxi rides,
and feel beautiful even when you kept your eyes off me.
You believed in slow motion, and the magic of lugaw at 12AM,
I watched you in a fascinated haze.
Too unsure of the light.

In Fairview, I told you that I cry during movies and laughed at the way you spun me around in the theater. Hand on my waist for good measure. I showed you claw machines and photobooths,
at least remember me.
I held your hand the first time, bled on
a piece of paper you read on the way to Quiapo, and all the long rides have made me feel empty ever since.

In Ilocos, I gave you a warm kisses on your cheeks when you took me
to church the first time, head spun just at the right angle for when
I walk down the aisle in a dress with you waiting at the end of it,
not knowing that in 4 years, I’d come back at someone
else’s wedding, begging on my knees at silent altars to keep you
even with my faith hanging from my fingertips. You still left.

In Intramuros, I see you in every nook and crevice,
in the holes, in the walls with Lechon Kawali, in quiet places we
claimed are for ourselves. In street vendors, ATM machines,
and pedestrian lanes too dangerous to walk on. Nowadays,
I shut my eyes in the backseat, afraid to see a shadow of who
I thought you were whenever I am near.

In Pasay there are people to see and places to walk
through to cover the tracks of almost lovers, a pair of shoes
to buy, impatience on my throat, and kisses on cheek as a cure
for my silence and satiation for the hunger below your navel.

In EDSA, we locked more than just lips, ate street Palitaw,
knocked three times on wooden doors, even lit candles to be sure,
that we would keep each other for good. Someone must have
knocked harder, the wind must have swept our fire out,
and we were fools to think promises were as simple as padlocks
that rust and break in the rain. How I never told you that I pictured
us in a million other bus rides that night. The road could never
have been shorter than the infinite one you promised.

In Pandacan, you wanted a life with me  
with nights in bed, the sickening kind of happiness harrowing
the peace we always knew we had. You held me close
and by the early hours of the morning you swore you’d meet me
again when the clock strikes twelve on a different year. I think
you left your love for me in that two-bedroom suite, and
wouldn’t it be wise if I left mine right next to yours, folded
and hung before the stain of resentment covered it whole?

In between the hurt and madness, memories of us
unfolding without grace on the table, I loved you.

You knew what you were doing when you let go of me to hold
onto someone else that was never as sure as I was of you,
and I wake up in sweat at 3AM thinking I never really knew.

Now we are in places we’ve never been, and I dry
swallow the hurt that swells even when I no longer touch it.
There are spaces I no longer need to be filled because I got used to being hollow
even when I was next to you
and now that I don’t have to be there anymore
it makes it easier to forget you ever happened, and I will tiptoe my way out of these places until I no longer feel you everywhere.
Tupelo  Sep 2015
Tupelo Sep 2015
Tell me when it has been enough,
Let me know when these bodies have run dry
When the sidewalks have been painted good and red,
You can’t brush off the blood, It just fades a little bit,
A patch just slightly darker than the rest,
They’ll take the other streets, blind to the madness,
Forget about the graveyards they’ve made of neighborhoods,
When targets have names and the lead expires too **** soon,
Tell me when it has been enough
Let me know when your heart has been pierced too
Than maybe you can understand
Kristen Weeden Feb 2013
Attached to me like a phantom limb,
Tearing from my spent body,
Sparing me little pain, my map is marked a new.

My experiences etched in the frame, the floor.
Since mere infantsy, you protected me.

I've concealed within you my deepest desires,
my churning anxieties, my burning furies,
setting fire to the curtains.

Now I explore new empty walls
carrying my echo, evidence of unfamiliarity,
And I begin to unpack.
BS hunter Nov 2013
Northern Michigan has got some pretty twisted people  but call themselves decent, God faring Christians. Copy pasting two typical posts on rants & raves forum exchanged between two typical Northern Michiganders. Not like them but think they are weirdos and get a good old belly laugh at the ignorance in the good old deep south errrr, I mean northern michigan. We got spared today from reading that Obama was chief ***** head but did get to read his racist post faking being  American Indian.

From northern michigan craigslist poster #1

RE; Curious in Fairview (TC)
You sure were quick to figure out what "passes for" debate on this place.
Good Job!

Here's what I do....first, I don't give a hoot what any of them say or do to my posts.
The name calling, and personal bashing are simply humorous to me. Truthfully though, I sometimes egg them on....It simply helps prove that the common IQ level
is somewhat ( ???? ) LOW!
Secondly---"Chief Itchybutt" is the ONLY one worth reading---he tells some
pretty incredible stories....he should probably write a book in my opinion.
As for all the rest of the spew---let it roll off your back like water on a wet
duck...just read it and be glad your not one of "them"...
Advice from:
YBBB--the one, the only!

Craigslist poster #2 with pic of Obama with huge photoshopped lips.

Special for Bob, a deer hunting story (in my woods)

Ugg! How! Chief IIttccheebutt of the Neverwiippee Tribe here to tell all what I see in woods hunting for deer, Ugg! Me go out with boomstick early in morning when turkeys are on roost to sit by deer trail to **** a buck.Very windy out, see no deer, me not even see a tree rat with fuzzy tail. Me wait and wait and wait, still no deer. It get dark now so me go in and try next day. Next day come, same thing,no deer, me think I pick a different spot tomorrow. Tommorrow come and I sit by the edge of a big field with sand holes and short grass with flags in little holes, it very quiet and me hear leaves crunching, me crouch down and get gun ready. Noise get closer and closer then it stop so I look out from behind tree and put gun down and pick up I-phone and snap pic of most stupid looking buck me ever see... then me start big belly laugh, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Ugg! How!
KD Miller  Feb 2016
KD Miller Feb 2016
"notice how he has numbered the blue veins in my breast.
he is building a city, a city of flesh.
he is an industrialist.
anne sexton

i've seen god themself stirring
subzero confectioner's sugar around this place,
you are the dried up ***** on my face

something acrid that i fell asleep and neglected to wash
i used to cut down swathes of brambles, and the bees
they'd run away

when i was a kid they followed me everywhere.
"you're sweet, kid" my father would say
now he just says i am stupid, so droll

as if i've never known that before
my bulbous arteries run with the notion of
him, sweltering, pointing

"bowie's on sale again,"
the same stamp on the telephone box
there, rotting, gentle

two years later
i say this: there is nothing in princeton
and everything in manhattan

that princedom where you stumble on
***** sidewalks and run hands along bubonic
subway railings

where, really
wanting to throw myself on the freight rail
would just be wanted to throw myself off the Veranzzano.

sylvia said it best, i guess
my own bell jar sour as ever
no matter whether

i'm in Bremen
Lesotho or
in his bed, again

i'd find a way to do it,
i told her
the only place i am willing to.
Robert C Howard Nov 2015
Standing in the tunnel
at Eighth and Pine station,
I survey westbound commuters
waiting across the tracks  -
standing arms akimbo
or leaning on marble walls.
A well-suited young man paces the platform -
cell phone pressed to his cheek.

    [Passengers stand clear of the
    edge of the platform at all times]

Rushing in from the east,
a gleaming white chariot
arrives - pauses - resumes
leaving the far platform vacated
as if by alien abduction

From the left a blazing light
pierces the  tunnel
and the Shiloh – Scott eastbound
halts and snaps open its doors.
crossing the threshold.,
I claim a seat by the aisle.

    [Please stand clear! Doors are closing]

With eyes half shut I scan the crowd:
uniformed workers wearing ID's,  
a toddler’s arms and legs
dangling off his mother's lap,
An elderly couple talking softly.

The soft clatter of wheels
and the gentle side-to-side sway
rocks us like a cradle -
memories of the long day
melting into thoughts of home.

    [Fairview Heights Station.
    Doors open to my right]

The lady with the toddler steps off.
A trio of teenage girls
fresh from the mall
seek and find empty seats -
filling the rear of the car
with the music of their chatter.

Streetlamps scatter shadows
over parking lots.
The unseen country side
slips by under cover of darkness.
Headlights gleam like jewels
waiting for crossing gates to lift

    [Next stop Belleville Station
    Doors open to my left]

I clutch my lap top,
work my way to the door
and wait for the train’s full stop

Stepping out into the frost filled air
I pause to watch the sleak white chariot
vanish on the eastern horizon.

September,  2006
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By this time of the year (In days of old and times past)
we would already be
                         ­             skipping off
               onto deer trails--------                
^^^^^^^^^^in the woods of Fairview park.^^^^^^^^^^
                   ­   of
Stevens Creek runs through
We will dip our toes in the slow, murky water
(James came to town)
as the thick, sweet smell of my burning cigarillo
(and the whiskey fell into our glasses.)
lingers on the water's surface.
(It was a race to see who would pass out last)
It is here that we are young; No moss clinging.
(and be the one to see him off at dawn.)
That old ****-colored truck with the key broken off in the ignition
will take life with every well-used car I'm in. "The Brown Trout".
Marcus called from the 24-hour gas station on Eldorado
to tell you he broke the key in the ignition and couldn't seem to get the ****** truck started. We gave comedy its due.
What could we have done at that point but stumble into the blue?
I recall forty girls & boys crammed into an efficiency apartment that night
as the bathroom vent sapped the room of smoke, liquor stench
and Nag Champa incense, while the dense fog
of budding lust hung in stasis over our heads.
Boys on the exit living out their tree house fantasies;
drinking away boredom and skateboard injuries.
Phantoms of the apartment buildings
(Do you remember Dipper Lane?)
at the end of West Main tell tales of past tenants.
(I seem to have forgotten your name again.)
What does it feel like
(Did you hear something?)
to be a home away from home?
(I've been alone this whole time.)
It's four years later and the bikini tree has tan lines,
they cut down the ******* walnut at my old house,
and built my ark from its wood.
Supple leaves line the Sylvan Queen's Kermes colored hair
as we sail for higher ground.
Now the stinging sunlight cuts through the cracks in the wood.
I'm examining the border of a much larger picture.
Even now, the resolution grows fuzzy.
You are a leaf on the five-hundredth page of my dictionary. Ginko.
I placed you there on a particularly sunny day in July
when the Magicicadas woke up to the sound of Joe Cocker,
and we both learned the language of the spheres.
A revised and re-titled version of Part IV. Parts V and VI still to come...
Ayelle Garcia Oct 2014
I’ve already graduated from high school,
But I’m still living in our house.
So I need to get used to commute
From East Fairview to UST.

It’s really different now,
Literally farther from usual.
It may be one ride away,
But with a longer travel time.

So, I have to leave earlier
Than the usual time back then.
If I don’t leave early,
I’ll get stuck at Espana for long.

FX or bus, you name it;
Whether partially or almost full.
Even if it’s very crowded,
I have no choice but to fit in.

So when I know I’ll be late,
I cross my fingers so hard,
Wishing that my ride
Will take an alternative route.

I just hate the fact
That when all else fails,
Even alternative routes
Are totally filled with cars.

In just a few months in college,
I already learned shortcuts to UST.
At least when I know I’m stuck,
I’ll find a way out of it.

In life, however,
There is no shortcut to happiness.
You still have to go a long way,
And withstand the challenges along it.

So we have a choice
And hard work is needed;
At least you know that
You’ve done it with effort.

Well, if a shortcut fails,
That means try another one.
But what can I say?
Manila is a busy road.

So I have to expect and endure
The heavy traffic flow at Espana,
As much as I can do it
In my own busy life.
A poem I wrote during my freshie year in college, and I wrote this while on a bus to school.
The warning bell sounded, and heads did spin

In a full on exorcist twist.

Hearts and lungs on overdrive.

Max gear ***** race, go!

Eyes meeting, hardly a greeting.

Run for the horizon, little darling daredevils.


His legs are burning, her lungs are burning.

Can’t stop, can’t stop, won’t stop.

She sees the results and snickers.

Surrounded by searchers and sirens.

The schooling facility, a funeral pyre,

a gasoline catalyst. “All the same, stupid”.


Endless lines of lockers filled to limit.

Echoes of “run along to class!”.

Chunks of charcoal - Chambers of change.

Left on Fairview, right on King.

Watch out for Pauly’s pit bulls barking!


Down the hill on University avenue - Dead End.

Train tracks up the hillside, so climb!

View of the evidence;

Matchstick Mayhem Miracle Man.

Gasoline Gal, so elegant.

Smoke cloud, smoke cloud, our little secret.
Heinrich Aryan N Dec 2013
another cl post by somebody

Funny **** (nm)
You gonna be a alt crazy woman, don't forget who your posting as. Before you removed your Glen Arbor post, I copy pasted what you said. If your a man you got mind of a female.

Read below and laugh at Glen Arbor words responding to something aimed at Fairview. They are one and same person.

"First of all, calling me a ***** is plainly incorrect. I'm not a woman.

Anyway, this is an anonymous forum. It's not as if any of you actually know me or my Grandparents anyway. That said, I don't feel any compunction against using my Grandmother's health problems as an example of how dangerous obesity can be when left unchecked. I should also point out that she doesn't mind either."
BS hunter Nov 2013
Funny **** (nm)
You gonna be a alt crazy woman, don't forget who your posting as. Before you removed your Glen Arbor post, I copy pasted what you said. If your a man you got mind of a female.

Read below and laugh at Glen Arbor words responding to something aimed at Fairview. They are one and same person.

"First of all, calling me a ***** is plainly incorrect. I'm not a woman.

Anyway, this is an anonymous forum. It's not as if any of you actually know me or my Grandparents anyway. That said, I don't feel any compunction against using my Grandmother's health problems as an example of how dangerous obesity can be when left unchecked. I should also point out that she doesn't mind either."

— The End —