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Bilal Kaci May 2014
She had a fever as hot as the sun
So hot it set countries aflame
And drowned islands in her sweat
Eventually her hair started to fall out
And scabs of concrete began crawl all over her body
The doctor said she had parasites
Devouring her slowly
Intelligent creatures, he called them
Spreading like butter and building cities in her skin
He didn’t tell her, but the parasites will eat her
And when they’re done ******* the bones
They’ll eat each other
Personally, I don’t think we’ll last that long
© 2014 Bilal Kaci
Bilal Kaci Mar 2014
She stepped out
One foot at a time
Steam rolling out from behind her
Beams of fluorescent light spearing through
Only to amplify her presence
She was wrapped in a white towel
Held up delicately by her *******
Silhouetting her waist, her thighs
My personal goddess, I thought
And so she left behind these little footprints
For me to hop in with yellow galoshes
Dancing in the fog of our love

Rain down on me
© 2014 Bilal Kaci
Bilal Kaci Feb 2014
The horizon? I’ve seen no such thing
The skyscrapers and condos barricade the shore like a picket fence
A crackling fire dancing alone in the woods? you hit your head?
With the flick of a switch you get the luxuries of light warmth and course; cellphone reception
Dude you have to stop complicating your life. He said
Listen man…Who needs lakes and springs when you have pools and hot tubs
Why walk or run, when driving is so much fun
Why read or write theirs a **** television in sight
What’s singing and dancing to techno and grinding?
How else do yeah fix the ugly? Without makeup and Gucci
Love?... Love?
Who the **** needs love, as long as she’s got a little leg and some cleavage you'll **** her to pieces
Man, what are ya? Depressed or something?
No I just… want to feel human
Buddy, this is the human

****..he’s got a point
© 2014 Bilal Kaci
Bilal Kaci Feb 2014
Love is; oxytocin with a hint of serotonin
Pheromones and testosterone
Dilated pupils and elevated body temperature  
Why can’t love just be love?
Moist palms and stomach aches
Embracing one and other comfortably
To passionately lay in bed and do absolutely nothing
Its having a gibberish conversations at 4 in the morning
Tasting her lips with overwhelming gluttony
Love is in the air, and on the sheets
Love is love
And I like it, just the way it is
© 2014 Bilal Kaci
Bilal Kaci Feb 2014
Like a rainbow in a puddle of gasoline
She was a free spirit
But even freedom has its boundaries
Bilal Kaci Feb 2014
The alluring type
With an enticing smile
And hypnotic eyes
The kind of girl
That walks slowly
Dainty and seductively
Swaying her hips
And weaving around potholes
The kind of girl
You catch yourself following
Regardless of what trouble she may be
She is a...
Femme fatale
Enveloping you with curious lust
Then, in a ravenous rage

She is carnivorous alright
But that is what makes her..
© 2014 Bilal Kaci
Addiction is a weird, weird thing
Bilal Kaci Feb 2014
A thick mist crawled inches above the basin,
Fluidly and slowly creeping
The breeze carried the eerie cries of crickets
Inharmoniously welcoming you to their lair
And as you breathe the humid air muffled by a pungent odor
Like onions rotting from the inside out

You’re shivering while the trees dance in unison
Swaying naked in the blue moonlight
In the center of the basin the water begins to ripple
Forming little circles, growing infinitely
It’s birthing now; the head crowning
From the water she is born, unusually beautiful

Plants tangled in her wicked black hair
Eyelids flutter above protruding cheekbones
Her lips; luscious and sinister
Then your heart stops, flesh piercing inversely  
And from her lips the words leak, dripping like sap
                            *I love you
© 2014 Bilal Kaci
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