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KD Miller Jan 9

an argument down below
i get up,
gaze down

from the 16th floor
black sheet over window,
punctuated by this:

orange and white
the concrete of the street
i hear voices

they feel something
i can't find them
i hear them rising with passion

all i can
think is
i agree.

i sit back down
stare at the wall
remember where i am

KD Miller Nov 2018

the leaves underfoot
i'm here to hear
while i walk in battery park

the river sways, partial to the quay
where moss covered rocks
and gum wrappers lay

and i liken it to my brain,
how it moves between
garbage and rot,

things that have stuck to me
through nature
and time.

i entertain the idea
of jumping into the hudson
shake my head. that'll have to wait for another day

but why?
that i cannot answer.
why the delay?

as i sit and stay and do nothing
hoping it'll get better
it never does

i shake my head
and turn
and walk away
KD Miller Nov 2018
things that happened to me
that seemed so full of eternity
and set in green and granite

things i figured i'd never forget.
The city distracts me but
i go back to dry land

everywhere i find evidence of my memories:
people, places, streets, trees,
the laces they took from me at the hospital

i cannot find them-
they lie in a bin,
in a landfill, deep in the ground under the rot

but these memories-
i cannot find it-
the idea they happened to me

i am finding ground
and lying on it
but falling through to the core.

forgetting what it is like
to feel air on my face
to feel my chest when i cannot recall

the feel of anything
or anyone at

the few days i do remember
are vignettes of a film,
stored away in archives and
exploding in a kiln

the other ones run from me in a tunnel
towards green orange and gold days
of leaves, and air, and trees and hay

to lock me out forever
to send themselves away
from me.

to forget my memories  
it's like a sickle wedged into my heart,
handle out towards the hand of time that sunk it there

who did it happen to,
and when, and where and why
I don’t know

purple vermillion skies
in October, the turnpike pulsing under me
flying past on an over pass.

Now a year later I lie
in cold sepulcher of room,
wooden smell and dark purple night

I can finally see the stars
but they do nothing for me
except to remind me

they were there this whole time
and remember more than i could ever
dream of.
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