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You said you've been through too much,
How about I tell I've been through
More than enough,
I went to a counselor just to keep up with
Your egoistic betrayal.
I betrayed, I was dellusioned
And I lived in hopes
That you could
Fulfill all of my unattended childhood
Just because you loved me.
What do you have to compare
My faith?

I thought of you as someone
Who could solve all the riddles
That my parents had implanted
In a way that I couldn't solve on my own.
I was alone - They said I was *******,
But I wasn't mentally sick like they thought.
I was braver,
I was stronger,
I couldn't believe it myself,
Until I found you...

But your betrayal,
Your false hope that you were that enlightment
Only took me to the place
That I once thought was impossible,
My own mind, manifesting it's own being
In this universe,
Now I am finally whole.
I am finally at peace.
(Genesis chapter 1:6 and God said: “Let there be a firmament in the midst of the water, and let the waters be divided by the water.” I never understood this statement, well not until I wrote this poem).
The ocean.
It’s just a wetter version of the sky
a graveyard' of poetry
that broke into my heart and open my eyes,
and I saw the brightest darkness mirror reading
handwritten dreams cuffing the stars consoling the rain
whom tears laugh

and in that laughter, I hear the words
God hates you
these insulting tears that only once god could hear
now speaks to me with warring tongues
and I had nothing deep to say
just a crushed sentence
a pile of regret
a sky that jumped on my train thought
and we went from an angelic blue to a halo of black.

God, I do apologize if you feel like I have displeased you.
See I have been searching for a weightless god
because the others are too heavy
and too weak like watered down gospel,
Weak like the dark side of poetry
Weak like a religious inside joke no one gets
Forgive me for you know everything I don't

so tell me am I a self-portrait of you and will you promise to
clean ***** lost souls like mine
and will u forgive me for having an enchanted mind
You see I often mistook you for a poem that has never been written
Mistook you for masculine words that became undone
I mistook you  for a selfless father that has more than one son
Mistook you for a sky filled with multiple sunsets.

I know nothing of you,
you unseen god
tell me am I of the other god
am I his fleshly creation standing outside my normal heartbeat
and on the footnotes of his story
standing breathing whirlwinds on death ears of soundless music
into the lungs of his bible
The lungs of his heaven that often resembles the blood stains in his hell

blood that flows throughout my veins and into an anthem of sorrow
Sung with broken tongues
sorrow buried in all kind if ancient languages
And I sit in this hell crying with roses
that's been wounded by his thoughts and
his words shoved into each other and I hate this

so much that I stripped down to pain and
I am exposed naked with caution
and I can see that my heart is a jealous god also
an egoistic ghost filled with love I never felt
a love that has no title

a love I am not entitled to feel
and why should I be
When that god knows I am a sleepwalking addict high off of pain
why should I be when that God knows I am as useless as a headless butterfly
When I should be more like the ocean
Yeah just a wetter version of the sky
The human body is made up of 75% water
(So in Genesis chapter 1:6 when God said “Let the water be divided by the water.” Where did that water go? It is in me).
Pk  Mar 2018
Pk Mar 2018
If every noble cause,
Is mocked by the commoners themselves;
If every good inference,
Is taunted and berated relentlessly;
If all one gets by trying,
Is being brought down using the name of almighty himself,
I don't wanna be good in this world.

If every selfless devotion,
Is only to be taken granted;
If egoistic attention,
Is all that deserves love;
If love is no more,
Than a squabble and a source of hideous pleasures:
I don't wanna be good in this world.

If procurement
Has become more important than the heart;
If anxiety,
Is something people use for diligence;
If sympathy and sorrow,
And not care
And ONLY care
Is what one uses for getting love;
this is something taht I feel from my heart, and want to shout in front of the people concerned
I hope this prove an useful platform.
I am still living in juvenility;
Why? Is it a psychic calamity?
Or that hidden reason,
The bird who symbolizes spring season?
Don't you believe in reason of bird?
Do you think I am a drunkard?
Really it's a drug addiction;
Power of Love, electronic fusion.
This feeling never lessens or ends,
An eternal Love for that egoistic mind bends.
Darling? Blue bird? What I call?
Why colorful mind wants a blue pal?
Come on bird, let's swim in water,
How long will I be submitted to void matter?
Come come, let's be blended into one entity,
And catch a fancy deer out of rude reality.
Philipp K J  Nov 2018
Adam's Pain
Philipp K J Nov 2018
Adam waded out of the garden
With him Eve as his first shade of the Hades!
With faded glory and heavy heart
The earth moved with a tilt to avert
The inglorious eve from the sun in the west
In an attempt to set in the cover of darkness.
The leaves bent down as the branches
Stood still with the motionless wind aghast.
The adjoining creeks joined to weep
With the mother of mankind's misery.
Pearls of tears flushed down the cheeks
Of the deprived and devastated Eve.
The diabolic sin had created a contrast
In the invisible brightness of bliss,
To be visible and to perceive decibels
At the cost of losing the Invincible!

Adam's stoic resin tears seeped down
Like amber to petrify the sin at heart centre,
To convert the egoistic pinching pain into a relic
That should show witness for ages,
As a precious wreckage of man's first sin.
Transparent though yet the smothering Eve's pain
Must be confined at the centre of an air chamber
With a pair of tending dark fins of the lungs
That inhale and exhale like a wounded swan.

Still striving to smoothen and cool the pain stricken soul
Eve engaged herself to cover his chest with her long dark hairs
And pressed the pair of seat of emotions to absorb
And assuage his painful visage.

But the hot pain linger at the solid  rock bottom
Like ash covered ember at the fender
And melt a little the crystal tears
To vapour in wafts of deep sighs.

For the pain is from the depths
That nothing can match or reach
But for the touch of the Perfect
Who else can reach it and catch it
And turn it into an unfailing pail of Mercy?

But the diabolic seed of sin had implanted a contrast
In the invisible brightness of bliss,
To be visible and perceive decibels
To confine man's life into a visible spectrum
Bound by the lengths of day and night
And comprehensible only within the line of sight,
At the cost of losing the Invincible,
Eternal boundless brightness and Bliss!
Andrea  Nov 2
Andrea Nov 2
One day, you wake up and start to see everything through another sight.
You see that we all are the same stupids human beings as everyone on this planet. Everyone is gray, everyone search only attention. That attention is necessary to keep alive their Ego. Egoistic and individualistic creature, that what is a human.
They need to be "the only one" in anything, but they're just another one doing nothing new, only hungry of "likes" and selling their self for nothing more that something that doesn't exists.
We are bored, we are sad, we are unsatisfied, we are...
What are we?
Do you disagree?
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