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aarti dhillon Oct 2016
With the weather so pleasant,
was it the little beer affecting the head ?
With the time so clean,
was it the chills affecting the heart ?
With the moment so serene,
was it the soul affecting the beauty of it ?
With the smoke that was taken,
was it the need of the hour affecting the serenity of it ?
With the clear known reason,
was it the unknown soul ready to take a leap ?
aarti dhillon Oct 2016
Darkness and coziness played its magic,
numbness so turned into chills.
The fingers running through the hand and the hair,
lips being caressed so gently.
The depth of that unknown kiss known to the beauty of it,
lurking inside the soul.
A dream so away from reality,
felt real at the same time.
The confusion of it,
makes it more fascinating.
A midsummer dream known only to the beauty of it,
unknown to me.
A midsummer dream that revived the closed heart,
ready to be closed once again.
aarti dhillon Apr 2016
If only i could stand still and feel the moment,
that's long gone.
If only i could see beneath the self imposed world,
that swirls me inside.
If only i know how to feel the unspoken words,
that's craving me.
If only i could show that innocence is dark,
darker than one thought.
If only being an innocent was not being a sinister,
aarti dhillon Jan 2016
I look ahead with a brightness in the eye
I look behind with shadows in the eye
Am i really looking for the right thing
Or am i looking for something even more wrong
The more i look the more i think
The more i think the more i lose
The more i lose the more i realize
That everything I've always been seeking is right around the corner
But its just the need of wanting 'more' that makes it more unknown
And i ask to myself do i need more or less?
aarti dhillon Apr 2015
An unkind calmness that took away the solicitude
An unkind calmness that made everything a roun
An unkind calmness that mixed the altruistic with egoistic
An unkind calmness that took an evil tack
An unkind calmness that made solitude more ween
An unkind calmness that made white a black
An unkind calmness that after a fruitful bliss became a dark pandora
An unkind calmness that became worthy of unkindness !!
aarti dhillon Apr 2015
To the point where it starts or is it to the point where it ends
A sinful but childish memory  that knows its way to the back terminus
The coda of a moment with the certainity of a melliflous flow
What makes it deep and so ween is the never ending uncertainity
Uncertainity , whether its to the point where it starts , where it ends or is it just simply to the....!!!

— The End —