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Nolia Joy  Dec 2014
Nolia Joy Dec 2014
Thank you Costco
for not calling the cops
as 3 dark ninjas
ran through your gate
fought over chocolate
pondered over flowers
crashed carts into books
and then disappeared.
May Scoff Jul 2019
The first problem is that the coffee is all organic. Organic: as in that process whereby one uses more land and a lot more water to produce less product at a lower quality and higher cost. No thanks! What a waste of resources. Give me the pesticides please!

The second problem is that the coffee is all "Fair-trade." Fair-trade: as in that process whereby one stops employing the 12-year-old who is supplying desperately-needed income to his poverty-stricken family just so one may put a stamp on their product which gives an ego boost to idiot Poshco shoppers who convince themselves they are saving the world just because they bought a certain coffee. No thanks! I'll enjoy my cheap coffee knowing a 10-year-old fed his baby sister.

All of the auto-****** ego-stroking sickens even me, and I'm the kind of cluster-****-of-cells who shares things on Hello Poetry.

This is the problem with Costco in general: It's Poshco. It's Geriatrico. It's Boomerco. With everything being Organic, and Low-Sodium, and Fair-Trade, and Low-Fat, and low-flavor, and higher cost than I joined Costco for to begin with. I'm here to buy the cheapest possible coffee! I don't want this needlessly expensive crap. If coffee costs this much it should be because it tastes better not because you wasted money making it organic and Fair-Trade. In fact, can you please use more genetic modification to increase crop yields? God bless Monsanto!
Michael Ryan Dec 2015
Those **** things
lurch around each turn
as if they are lost children
who's mother is also lost
in some isle at Costco.

I know those arching
towers of rows
that hold cardboard boxes
reaching to skylights--
where each passing cloud
blinks for me
as I wander wide eye
for Costco brand cat food
hidden somewhere in the back.

*** holes are not the best at digging
but it's impossible for
my town to fill them,
as each one is a reminder
to our people
that we are irreplaceable.

That when time comes
and the clouds find their resting place
we will no longer crowd the isles
of Costco nor will clouds keep
blinking for us.

Instead our personality
will have dug it's trench
a minor engravement
into the cements and asphalt
of which we called our home.

For us they will leave
our history, appraisal
to the life that has thrived
a marker
that there was beauty
before us
and beauty with us.
Impactful.  That's humanity for you.

— The End —