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Taylor  Apr 2013
Taylor Apr 2013
Sometimes things are hard
I'm smothered
can't breathe
-It's panic induced asthma

"***** to your ***-mar"

Sometimes things are awful
I'm choking
can't breathe
-It's fear induced asthma

"***** to your ***-mar"

Sometimes things are unbearable
I'm dead
can't breathe
-It's Life induced asthma

"***** to your ***-mar"
My hamster has asthma
it's so well not ****** cool
he sits there just looking at me
when I put him in his ball

The wheel I bought him to run inside
does sit in his cage redundant
for he has no want to play
my poor short of breath rodent

I took him to the vets
this coughing spluttering pet
I told of my malady
hoping he'd make him breath better for me

The vet looked at me astounded
and very confounded
as this condition he had never seen
a hamster with asthma looking cute and serene

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
fisharedrowning  Dec 2013
fisharedrowning Dec 2013
i should have known
from the moment i saw you
and the time when you left
to my present diseased state now

should have saw the signs
and noticed the symptoms:
my chest constricts
whenever you're around
my lungs swiftly assaulted
leaving me gasping
as if i just swallowed
an entire ocean of saltwater

like asthma, you took my breath away
at first, it led me to a good place
akin to a whirlwind floral maze
now that you're gone
i thought i would recover
but then, as with asthma,
there is no cure for me
i realized with a shudder

the painful tattoos
were burnt into my heart
and there they will
remain forever
Everyday you ask why I love you
You say
"Why do you you love me when I put you through Hell.
When I push you into your shell,
And I never give you a straight answer.
You say " Why do you love me when I can't love you back,
And when I have all these mood swings."
Well this is what I say.
I love you because you are like my Asthma.
I didn't chose to have you here with me all the time, but you are.
You are here to make my life harder,
But you also make me stronger.
When the voggy winds blow
And it gets hard to breathe
It is you falling.
Yet I pick that Inhaler of mine up
And I take two deep breaths,
and I lift you back up.
As my breaths become clearer.
I know that I will never be able to breathe as well as others.
Just as I know I will never fall out of love for you.
You are the chronic lung disease that forces me to try harder.
The person that makes me try my hardest when I'm singing up on that stage.
You motivate me.
It is you that is always on my mind
When I have to try hard to take breathes instead of just breathing.
When I am running and my lungs start to choke me, it is the pain I feel every time I see you with him instead of me.
Because Love
You are my lung disease.
You are the funny noise my breath makes when I dance,
Because the Oxygen doesn't want to go in.
And when you touch me I feel the buzzing sensation that I get when taking my albuterol.
The warmth of my Nebulizer as it vaporizes the medicine for me to breathe.
Every kiss you plant on my head, fills me with the dizziness that I get from my medication
When I try to stand up, I end up falling just as hard as I have for you.
You are the relief I feel when I take my
Meds on a bad day, you make me feel normal again.
That's why I love you.
That is why I don't care if you're with him instead of me.
Because you will always be with me.
Just like my lung disease.
I wanted to try comparing love to something that I know well. I do have Asthma and I thought this would be something I could try to write.
Gabriella  Jun 2016
Gabriella Jun 2016
When I was younger, I had asthma.
I remember that suffocating feeling.
The panic, anxiety, nervousness striking my system all at once.
I never wanted to feel that again.

Fast-forward 20 years later, you came along.
The overwhelming feeling of asthma has come back.
I can't breathe.
You are asphyxiating me.
Yet, I find excuses, inhalers, to tolerate keep you near.

Is it worth filling my lungs with chemicals just so that they can expand and contract?
Donald Guy  Nov 2012
Donald Guy Nov 2012

6:48 a Wednesday
Two Weeks later
Then: Thanksgiving eve

I sit at my desk:
stare out of the windows <
My skull
at the Chocolate Bock I just
Overflowed > all over my notes
on the Circe episode of Ulysses,
which I have not yet read.

20 minutes after I just ––
Went alone. Stood there, yes, alone
Above the porcelain enterprise
Taking that litmus test of humanity
Clear, I pass. Yellow, I fail.
It was rather clear I think
Honestly? I don't remember.

Two weeks ago, I stood there==
and came up with this phrase.
Standing there with special eyes::::
Came back to my room, I did, faithfully
Looked there below my second fridge
A plate sat. mine. On it: maybe food, maybe *****
Probably marijuana
Only the first my own
Who remembers?

Next to it: an empty prescription bottle
"It's some medicine for Asthma. I don't even
have asthma!"
"Classy **** I am; I've never bought a shot glass.
Just use discarded prescription bottles."

An experiment @ the sink: exact: 2.0z. On the dot.
Turns out that's 1&1/3 of the standard—The ritual
We make it. And have made it.
For years now together after midnight
[or so]
4 years. Soon it will be
Maybe I shall leave; probably not

but harken back, that fortnight, less 6
To that evening. Orange and purple
Effort sublime but not enough:
Lost to a team of Freshman.?!

~If only:~
"Tripped mad-laundry shrooms",
6 and a half months ago

Two men sit in the corner of my room
I know one; the other spoke

2-weeks-later: sticky keyboard
I am not sober, but who is?

Last night. Remember those videos?
reminded me that *** can be beautiful:
After basically 2 years: I almost forgot. December 6, 2011

I have a perspective now:
It is not the same as yours
it is not and, by necessity,
can not be the same.

But I see it. Stephen Daedalus
calls it immature—lyrical
but *******, James: it is mine!

I am. Will always be.
Will have never been.
But, God/Goddess **** it now!
I am: I See.
I try!

Proper reading involves out-loud pronunciation of some of the punctuation

12/7/11. the day I was drunk 14 hours.

Ostensibly written for William Corbett's 21W.756 Writing and Reading Poems.
ostensible nod to James Schuyler.
Pauline Morris  Mar 2016
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
On dry land
Chest heaving
Lungs burning
Fresh air
All around
Lungs won't accept
Panic ensues
Inhaler sought
Sweet air returns
Death evaded
Asthma *****
Careena  Jan 2016
Careena Jan 2016
Constricted bronchioles and anxiety had a baby
Within my father's chest
They named her asthma
And it is him she does possess

Coughing fits and nervous breaks
Are not easy scenes to bear
Stomach injections, lung inspections
Soiled clothes and messy hair

Then the coctails come, one by one,
Morphine, Pulmocort, Seroquil
An IV is the quickest fix
But it doesn't always fit the bill

Long inhilations, short exhilations
It increases rapidly
It's full blown now, she has attacked
Asthma, you're a mystery

Why do you posses such a man
That cares for others more?
I guess everyone has their weakness
But other have it worse, I am assured
Bilal Kaci Nov 2013
When you touched me, with those thin red lips,
I was shaking in my skin, holding on to your hips.
Won’t you bite me? Send shocks down my studded back.
You know, when we kissed you stole my breath-
And gave me an asthma attack.
Trick or treat?
Today it was a trick.
I was fine one minute.
The next I'm on the grass having an asthma attack.
It's too cold in this world.
Why can't I breathe?
CommonStory  May 2014
CommonStory May 2014
I can hear it
The whistle and rustle as air surrounds and fills the sacks of my lungs
I can feel it
The heavy tightness of my chest with every exhale
I reach in my pocket
"Shake" "shake"
"Puff" "puff"
A sudden relief of my lungs smooth muscles loosening
Dopamine fills my body
I exhale and walk away happily daunting the next oncoming of an attack by its hazardous side effects

A fish out of water
when i was in the garden i saw a little ant
he was out of breath and he began to pant
i took him to vet to see what he would say
he said he asthma a gave the ant a spray
when he was out breath he could take a puff
take a little squirt that would be enough
now he takes his spray everywhere he goes
when his breath will go he never really knows
I used to get asthma at the thought of you getting close to me with my heart beating
But now I get asthma with the lack of trees around me
What a terrible combination of misery

— The End —