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Egeria Litha  Aug 2018
Egeria Litha Aug 2018
I want you to be entirely distracted by my surface
the sunlight above me

I want you

I want you content with my forecast of calm waves
each encounter

Follow my subtle guidelines

Behaving as a good mother I"ll command you out of the ocean
if you swim too far from shore

Or if you dare plunge your head under me


Remain floating on my surface layer this is where the
honey moon stage lasts

Do not stare into the eyes of a hurricane
storms in me churning off the coast of "you had no clue"
will leave you washed up on Island Nowhere

Absolutely no swimming after sunset

I don't care if you hear the waves sigh all night

In this situation I am God knowing whats best for you
saving you from drowning in my cycle
Stephen E Yocum Jan 2017
She comes to me with
seductive expectation
in her alluring grey eyes,
Bewitchingly she crawls
onto my lap, my chest.
Our mutual desire for closeness
quickening the mood
She puts her arms around my neck,
Our eyes locked in an intimate dance.
I take her beautiful face in my hands
stroking it's soft contours, as she
closes her eyes pleasurably succumbing
to the gentleness of my touch.
She begins to softly purr.  

We both understand these brief
loving moments can never last,
owing to my damnable allergy to cats,
Thus, soon back outside she must ****.
As my shadow of a jealous dog herds
her out like she was an interloping stray lamb.
Part of my goal here was to tell a descriptive
story poem,with a beginning, a middle and
an ending in less than 100 words. Brevity being
the key.
Jealousy is a loaded gun,
And you made each of their names
Bullets in my chamber.

The end of the barrel
Kisses me softly,
Between the eyes,
Where you used to.
And as you twirl them all round in a Russian Roulette
My finger quivers over the trigger.

Sweat makes it impossible to grip
And thinking back makes it
To think forward...
What next?

You cocked it,
The gun,
So I'm ready to go.
I think...

Until, you reach out and try to save me.
Your hand touching mine
Losens my grip on the gun,
My finger becomes limp and I come back to life as
Your promises disarm me,
Your reassurance unloads the gun and
The bullets become evanescent in your kiss.
Inspired by San Cisco's song Jealousy from the lyric "jealousy is like a loaded gun". Alongside past experiences...
KiraLili Oct 2016
It started with the single glass
Unsupervised teen on a summers day
Sophisticated youthful rebellion
With Bacchus fermented grape
Warming slowly loosened inhibitions
While dipping into a supple red velvet glass
Even holding a glass now connects me to relaxation
Most uncomplicated relationship
And fulfilling libation
From your pale silken smooth white Muscats
Tempting vibrant aromatic Cabernets
Too full bodied deep thick red Merlots
And hot blooded Spanish Rojas
We go to many places together
Totallly captivated by your legs held in crystal
The sweeter the vintage the longer they are
Rolling those viscous tears over my tongue too music
Laid down in the cellar and aged you are more sought after
Mellower and softer you become no longer brash
Our love affair was quick in youth serving one purpose
Now this long lasting co dependant connection has deepened
Gone is the stained boisterous raw coupling and slamming of drinks
Replaced by long savouring wet warm moments
You had me so long ago at the first sip
#wine #lover
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