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Simba Jul 2021
Enjoy this Pow Wow !
Smell the smoke from this peaceful camp fire!
Breath in the spirit from what comes from with in the Pow Wow camp.
Relax and enjoy the smoke as it ascends to the spirits of are ancestors above.
Peace, Love, and Happiness to all Family's and Friends!

Simba May 2021
To be truly alone does not just mean to be alone from others, it also include being alone from your poisons,prejudices, jealousy, hurts,anger, ambitions, fears, hopes, ego and your thoughts. Once you can drop all this baggage then only can you hope to truly understand what it is like to experience aloneness. Aloneness is vastly different to loneliness.

Like water which can clearly mirror the sky and the trees only so long as its surface is undisturbed, the mind can only reflect the true image of the self when it is tranquil and wholly relaxed. A mind that has understood the whole movement of thought becomes extraordinarily quiet, absolute silent. Silence comes when the mind is no longer seeking, no longer caught in the process of becoming.

The mind can never experience the new, and so the mind must utterly still.
What is important is to be inwardly very simple, very austere, which is to have a mind not clogged with beliefs, with fears, with innumerable wants, for only such a mind is capable of real thinking, of exploration and discovery.

Stillness that is induced, enforced, is still not stillness at all. It is like putting a child in the corner – superficially he may be quiet, but inwardly he is boiling. So a mind that is made quiet, and stillness that is induced can never uncover that creative state in which reality comes in to being.

To observe, to watch, to give you whole attention to something beautiful, your mind must be free of preoccupations, must it not?
It must not be occupied with problems, with worries with speculations. It is only when the mind is very quiet that you can really observe, for then the mind is sensitive to extraordinary beauty, and perhaps here is a clue to our problem of freedom.

If you want to take a long journey, you must carry very little, if you want to climb to a great height, you must travel light.

Simba May 2021
To have an overactive mind.
I just don't understand,
the reason behind.

To get stuck on a thought.
I don't know the reason,
It plays over in my head,
it gets worse every time.

To say I will stop.
I really do try!
It seems to come back,
with the blink of an eye.

It pushes you further away
each and every time.
I don't know why these
stay in my head
like  a display.
My brain seems to be
always, working overtime.

I say that I'm sorry!
To mean it that way.
For these thoughts
to come back,
seems like everyday.

It starts to degrade,
any emotions that
might remain.
It keeps on pushing.
Time slips away.

It's all in my head!
Im feeling the pain,
of being an over-thinker.
The thoughts remain
the same.

I'm starting to dread.
The affecte it has on,
the one I lost
Hook Line & Sinker.

I just wanted to say!
That I am truly sorry
for being this way.
To cause the hurt,
the dismay  
of being an

May I say to you!
On this very day.
That I really don't want it
to be this way.

It's all in my head.
That's all I have to say.

Simba Apr 2021
Hey Mary Ann!
No more movies.
No more wine.
It all boils down
to a waste of time.
We snuggled,
we cuddle,
we reminisced!

You said "I was the best that there is"
I don't believe it now nor
did I believe it then.
I'm not the only one
you do this with.

This time I'm done
I've said it before  
I've realized it's
a revolving door.

Now, the reopening of  my eyes
as of yesterday
made me realize
what I must do today.
So, this is what I did!

Canceled my timeshare ...

The End.

Simba Dec 2020
I'm in a blue mood.

Knowing that you will be wearing that dress of blue.
Think of me, when you putting your dress on.
With no bra just wearing a thong!

I'm in a blue mood
over you.

Enjoy the day in your dress of blue!
For all the compliments that will be given to you.
Wishing I was in a suit of gray! Dancing to the music of our favorite song on this day.

I'm in a blue mood.

Think of us when you walk alone. Or as you're dancing to a theme song.
Hear my voice spoken softly in your ear!
If you will,
for  I am whispering.
I love you my dear!

I'm in a blue mood.

The sun will go down as the moon will rise.
Wishing I was looking into those beautiful blue eyes!
As they accent your dress of blue.
Making me fall deeper in love with you!

I'm in a blue mood.

The song is over it's time for me to leave.
You are only in my imagination. It's only a dream. 
I have to set you free now.
Time for me to wake up from this fantasy.

When I opened my eyes!
That's when I realized.
It was only.

A Blue Mood Dream

Simba Dec 2020
My heart is heavy
like a ton of bricks
It's  not singing the
same rhythm it's doing flips
It seems that it's
skipping beats
not a happy rhythm
the way this heart beats
It's out of sync
A total eclipse of the heart

Like Niagara Falls
the volume of water that flows
over it's cliffs
from my eyes so do
my tears
There's not a day that goes by
that I'm not thinking
of the last five
Spending time together
like pioneers discovering new frontiers

Is this the way it's supposed to be?
Six months has gone by since you've been with me
Life goes on
not to remain the same
Time will tell
but in the meantime I'm going through hell
I'm trying to find a way to overcome this heartbreaking spell

I stay busy, I keep
occupied  by working throughout my day
I still think of you
Then a tear runs down my cheek as it leaks from  my eye
Once again my heart skips a beat
Wishing it was pounding the rhythm of a happy melody
playing to the tune of loving you
If you were to put your head upon my chest
  you would hear the story of our legacy
I don't know where it will  go from here
If there's a remedy
for this heavy heart that's inside of me and to stop this waterfall called tears

Talk to me from your pillow and I will hear you from here
That you still love me because I still love you  my dear
I write you these words from my heart and soul.
I really do miss you
I miss you so

X's and O's it's time
for me to go
Until next time when I write you a new poem or maybe even hear your voice over the telephone

Signed Simba

4 Dec 2020
Simba Dec 2020
Is silence golden?
Should we just remain silent?
No words to speak of?
To remain quiet?
To go on without a word ever to be  read again, or to be heard?
To give up on communication?
Not to read the words that have been written?
Lost for words?
Don't know what words to write?


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