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Simba 6d
Close your eyes it's time to sleep
Sunday is here you know the rest
One needs the strength to keep in check
Make sure you smile and say cheese
Then look around

Keep in mind
When it's time for the striptease
That in ones head there will only be
What once was just the memory
That's all you will see
A shadow
Could it be

Simba 7d
Roses are red violets are blue
to get over a lover
you have to find someone, too!

It was easy for her  
She picked  up the telephone
and called someone she knew.
Good for her!
Good for you!

It took me awhile
I didn't have to dial
I found someone new!
This should be fun
I don't know her
she don't know me!
This is true.

To get to know each other
it should be very  interesting!
One day at a time
We'll have to see
where this will go.
Could it be?
Fingers crossed good
luck to me!

Simba Nov 13
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I don't sleep at night
Cause I'm thinking of you
Alone with my thoughts
Trapped in this bed
Know I'd give the world
Just to start over again

Oct. 30th that evening
We had a drink, watched a movie, nibble on some cheddar cheese.
Then you laid down
with me in my bed
Pillow talk
you whispered in my ear  you told me you found a sweet spot
as you laid your head upon my chest
I wish that moment didn't end
That night was over
I almost gave in
you didn't get it
from me like you expected
you might have

It really didn't matter to you
(so much for "that sweet spot")

So you did this instead
you already
had it  all planned
It was planned out ahead
Early that morning on Nov 1st
you laid in his bed and got it
from him.
Your forever lover,
Your forever friend

I knew you would go
You said you wouldn't
but, you did
You never stopped communicating or meeting up with Greg
Now he is happy
that you've been laying
in one of his beds.

And your imperfections
perfectly drawn up
I was a fool to think
you were in love with me
That you gave him up
So, you kept Gregory Pappas in your
back pocket and to keep interest in you because
Mary Ann, you need someone to
lay down with.
I know this to be true

This story will go on and on
it will never end
So, roses are red
Violets are blue
It's all in my head
No matter what I say
or what I do
The facts will remain.
You will always be
with him.
It's not Me and You
It's You and He

Simba Nov 7
It is what it is.
If it was meant to be
the way that it was.
It wouldn't be
the way  that it is.

Nothing you can say
is going to change now.
The way that is was
to the way that it is.

Simba Nov 3
You and I were never
meant to be.
The sooner I realize this
life will be better for me!
I slipped on a banana peel and
it brought me to my knees.

This slip brought me backwards
for it opened my eyes and
made me see.
It made me realize
that your sweet spot moment
was temporary.
A familiar place to be.

My heart became
involved again
I almost gave in to you.
You almost got me.

The rain came down
as you were within, with him.
While you were
fooling around
it made me realize this
is the end.

I could never be with you
knowing you are with him.
This chapter is over now.
A new one will begin!

Simba Sep 22
I went to visit someone's
mother today
Sat and had a conversation
On this first windy autumn day
This place had not  been groomed
in a while
There were some items that were scattered upon it
Arranged in no particular order

So I took the time as I sat to chat
To cut the grass and cleaned
around it's border
Then washed all the dirt away
It looks better now
I felt a smile as
I followed through
I arranged everything in a
particular order
To respect the items
that she had received
During recent visits  
It wasn't just me

Some items were shiny
Others were dull
One item was made of wood
While the others are made
of stone
There was even a purple flower
It had a beauty of its own

I sat here for an hour
I was sitting here alone
Then I decided it
was time to go

I stood up and brushed myself off
From sitting on the ground
Then  I stopped to take
another look around

God's creatures had appeared
I saw a hawk and then the deer
Hoping they are the answer to
why I am here

I asked so many questions
Hoping to hear the answers
in my ear
Time will tell now
If it was meant to be

The questions I have asked
I will have to wait to see
To be patient
not to rush anything

Now I'll end my story here
I will be on my way
It was a heartfelt visit
I will come to see you again
on another day

  I will come to chat with you
When I have more to say
It was meant for me to be here
On this first autumn day

Simba Sep 9
To grieve love .
It takes on a different
It's not about  
mourning the death of
a family member.
Or a friend.

It's a form of grieving
that I never felt
in my life before.

Death is so final
never to return.
You have the love
and memories of
that individual.
Who has passed.

When you grieve the love
of the living person
You are still left with
the love and memories
as well.

With the living.
You have to
make changes
In order to get through
this grieving period.

The feelings are still fresh.
The memories are still real.
It's the heart controling
the head

One had moved on.
With relationships.
Wasted no time.

While the other one
staying behind

Seemed  so easy!
With no downtime
Didn't skip a beat.
For one had a backup
A,B and C

"When is it going to be my turn!"
That's what would be said.
As long as there's a pillow
To go with the bed.

It has been your turn
From the years passed and
the years ahead.

So I will continue to grieve
for a period of time.
Then my head will
control my heart
Once again.

I do realize,
That  plan A, B, and C
Wasn't meant for me.
I was the fool
The go between

Grieving love
Will be over soon.
I have a life in front
of me
I can't stop living
for something.
That wasn't meant
to be.

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