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Feb 25
Love yourself
25. Feb. 2021 7:34 PM
Safiul Alam

Sometimes look back
Just to see how far you've come.
To see the pain you've gone through.
To see the memories you've made.

Look back,
Just to see how far you've grown.
Just like a free you've spread your roots searching for water or comfort.
Look back
But I warn you.
Just like the roots of tree your efforts will be hidden.
And Just like a newly planted tree
You may not seem that strong.

But Just like the tree
know that the efforts you've given did not went in vein.

You've grown
Just like a mountain.
May be you do not see it
but a mountain was once a pebble
A building was once a brick
A tree was once a seed.
Don't Judge too hard know that it takes time.

Someday when it's hard to get up
and the shoulders seems way too heavy
The sky seems darker
And you look back and you see nothing,
Know that, for that day you were successful
Because you are breathing.

Life is good at knocking you down,
And it is good at hurting you
And in those days,
Only thing you have to do is to get up.
Because there is no way down.
Your back is against the wall
You've hit the rock bottom
And all you can think about giving up
But, Just know that you've come so far
Your only option is to get back up and walk forward.
And if you are looking for someone to work for
Just look in the mirror.
Written by
Safiul  25/M/Dhaka, Bangladesh
(25/M/Dhaka, Bangladesh)   
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