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Sabrina S May 2019
you have always been captivated by the moon;
ignoring what surrounds you
even the magnificent stars
cannot gratify you

and I,
have always been tangled up in your orbit;
wishing I was the moon
you're yearning for
voices from the aching heart, will he notice?
Sabrina S Dec 2018
you will learn that the affirmation of others will never be enough.
you will learn that pleasing others is not your purpose.

you are enough.

not because you have tried hard,
not because you have loved hard,
put on your best face;

you are enough because of who you truly are,
because of your beautiful soul,
because He is with you,
and his grace has saved and covered you along the way.
a reminder we all need and we all should value our worth
Sabrina S Dec 2018
We were,
Scarlet when we discovered each other

We were,
Carmine when we found ourselves

We were,
Ruby when we said our promises

And all of sudden,
We were Blue.
-will love be eternal?
Sabrina S Nov 2017
once you experienced love, you tasted the clouds.
"is it the true taste of love?", she ponders
all she knows was a jolly certainty.
because of him.
all she knows is a gloomy hesitancy.
because of him.
that troubled mind
Sabrina S Nov 2017
All at once.

The bad thoughts,
The what ifs—
They haunt.

Oh, she wonders—
How could she loves,
When she has not, yet, accepted herself?
her clouded mind and thoughts
Sabrina S Jun 2016
When it doesn't have a clear ending; yet it keeps me reading.
Even if i keep repeating, it still is not clear.
Figuring out is harder; a lot harder when you do it alone.

Should i end this unknown ending book?
Should i hold on until the happy ending arrives?

When i know deeply, it isn't going to be one.
-some thoughts that always haunt me

— The End —