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3.0k · Jul 2022
Meethi Eid
Muhammad Ali Jul 2022
Eid Mubarik to you my Fatima Gul
my angel, my forever most beautiful
you’re the sweetest, the love of my life
my world enchanted with the joy that’s rife
all the words won’t ever suffice
for i may not ever be able to describe
of how wishful life became for me
to live with you, a perpetual love spree
I sit here blushing and maybe shy
I, with even that mere thought, fly
thinking i’ll narate what i always want to
on every special eid when i’ll wish you
can’t wait for our eids together
as if surrounded by your feathers
and all my worries scatter and smother
with your love and care I’m covered
when i say that know that it’s true
it’s because of you and only you
it’s only for you that i make it through
and it is for a forever I promise to do
By the magic of the stars above you
I love you, I love you, I love you
I do and I always will
for there’s nothing for me
that is above you

3rd May, 2022
Our first meethi Eid Together of all to come for the rest of my life
1.2k · Jul 2022
Muhammad Ali Jul 2022
Every good i see
reminds me of you
every place i go
i wish you were there too
you are my lifeline
engraved in my soul
take me in your arms
for that’s my home
in you in entrust
my faith and my trust
you are my gul
my most beautiful
since you stepped in
I’m always smilin
that smile you gave me
I wear it I agree
oh but the peace you brought
is one that I whole life sought
you are the bearer
of my greatest happiness
and with you i feel strong
with you is where I belong
Eternally, Always and forever
I’m yours happens whatsoever
everyday I fall in love with you
you are my dream come true
you make me the happiest
oh i love you my sweetest

Thursday Mar 24th 2022
1.2k · Jul 2022
Muhammad Ali Jul 2022
My dear and beloved Valentine!
there’s so much for me to define
the words aren’t much to be in line
even with all these pens combine
there’s still too much left underlying
in my heart of what you mean to me
and how we’re so intertwined
of all the blessings, you are my greatest
of all the hopes, you’re my highest
of all the wishes , you’re my biggest
of all the melodies ,you’re my harmonious
of all the strengths, you’re my strongest
of all the harmonies, your laugh is my sweetest
of all the that shine, your eyes are the shiniest
of all the gifts bestowed on me
there can’t be any, more heavenly
what you’re to me, is the moon to the sea
like the waves it pulls, you pull my heart strings
as this sun lights up the universe
is just a fraction to the life so luminous
this life i never thought could ever become
too beautiful and even more in time to come
my most beautiful and amazing Fatima Gul
with you my life is so full
full of life and happiness
it’s like I’m living a dream
a dream i dared dreaming all my life
but here you are and here are we
you sure are my undeniable miracle
I love you more than anything
with a love that’s never ending
with all my heart and all my soul
I love you and you make me whole

Happy valentines to my valentine
I love you 💞💞💞💞💞

Feb 14th, 2022
Valentines Day 🥰💞
Dedicated to the love of my life with all the love I have for her.
Can't wait to be with you for the rest of my life
1.1k · Jul 2022
Twenty Two
Muhammad Ali Jul 2022
It’s the seventeenth of July
Another year passed by
As I am writing this today
I gaze up with my eye
there i see a beautiful sight
starlight gleaming, clouds flying high
among them shines my moon in the sky
it’s then when I drown in a dream
suddenly, by the breeze’s lullaby
I startle when I see the moon up high
startled for the moon were you my Gul
among all the stars you folded around
you shone the brightest, most beautiful
It’s the seventeenth of July
This year that passed by
is the best i’ve ever lived by
and the dream I saw in the reality of stars
is the life I’m living amidst all them dreams
This year that passed, it felt like a dream
for never did i ever imagine of finding my love
but now i have you and I’ll do better than try
to protect you always, Yes I’ll do it or die
You are my Gul, my most beautiful
with you in my life, my garden is full
your beauty my Fatima Gul is irrefutable
i’ve fallen for you for countless times
that what cannot be described in lines
since my love, you stepped into my life
I’m captured, captivated, mesmerized alive
I want you like the soil needs the rain
I want you like the stars want to shine
I want you like the rain wants to pour
I want you like the sun wants to warm
I want you to the millionth degree of infinity
I want you Always and forever
for we’re destined together
I’m yours alone with all that I am
with all the love instilled in me
I’m yours my love till eternity
you are my home and in you i reside
I entrust myself to you, in you in confide
My love I’m blessed by your existence
for every moment we spent together
for all the beautiful moments to live ahead
for all the memories we have and we’ll make
I’m happiest that I have you my love
I love you I love you I love you my Fatima Gul
I wish i could embrace you in my arms
I wish I could be with you today
Happiest birthday to you the love of my life
I love you till the millionth degree of eternity 💞

17th of July 2022
It was the birthday of the love of my life, She turned a beautiful 22, I pray for her to have a life that's strange to sorrows and family to happiness.
947 · Sep 2021
My Sun and My Moon
Muhammad Ali Sep 2021
Like the sun you rise
and  brighten my life
Like a moon you pull
the waves of my soul
And the moon smiled
And the sun twinkled
but both were jealous
of your stardust soul
Like the sun is to moon
You are to me my Gul
With your glamor I Shine
Without you I'm dull
With you my Fatima Gul
My existence is meaningful
It's been a while that I wrote something good for my sweetheart, my Fatima Gul, the most beautiful, the love of my life Alhamdulillah....
I think about her and I feel blessed to have her in my life. She's my everything and I love her bht bht bhttt zyadaa 💞
Fatima Gul !

You are everything to me.
I love you 💞💞
920 · Jul 2022
Its her glamour
Muhammad Ali Jul 2022
with you I am
without you I’m not
you make my life
the best i’ve ever thought
your precious soul alone
is my very and only home
with your heavenly love I shine
like glittering stars from moonshine

October 31st, 2021
867 · Jul 2022
My Love, My Life !
Muhammad Ali Jul 2022
My Love, My Life !
for you I thrive
in this world that makes
living too hard to strive
my deliverance is your love
in that I dive
with all my sorrows
I left them up hive
with your love I’m empowered
to take on anything life brings
it makes my feel stronger
and with it I revive
you are my superhero
I looked all along my life
and now you’re here
and i cannot describe
how lucky i feel
and how blessed is my life
I love you meri Fatima Gul
and you’ll be my wife 💞

Jan 6th, 2022
856 · Aug 2021
My Gul
Muhammad Ali Aug 2021
For meri Fatima Gul 💞

The world was alot
and i was alone
until you came
and took me along
you made me a king
you make me feel strong
I pray for you my queen
every night long
I was not much
But I was all I have
Now I have you
Best I will ever have
You care so much
You love so deep
It was your touch
that shook my soul
and brought me
to the truest love
and the purest one
Words won't ever suffice
For what you mean to me
In you I found
the real definitions
of peace, of love
of life, of purity
in you my Gul
I see everything
that's beautiful
You're the home
to my wandering soul
you're the echo
to those callings
of mine that
I yearned to hear
You're the poem
my hands longed
to write down
You the dream
I always wanted to live
You're everything
that my soul
could ever wish for
I love you
with all my heart
and all my soul
and all the love
and all my life
meri Fatima Gul
You're beautiful

~Your Muhammad Ali
Aug 19,2021
Gul in urdu is Flower.
My love is beautiful and delicate like a flower.
She's so much prettier just like her prettiest name.
I love you !
712 · Jul 2022
Twinkling Love
Muhammad Ali Jul 2022
In your thoughts i drown
with your love I’ve flown
high up by the moon
more than stars, there I bloom
shining even more as they envy
for I took their shine
and I’m encircling the moon
little do the stars know
that it’s not their moon
it’s my Gul that I encircle around
and the moon envy my gul
for she replaced it’s place
little did i knew but i do know now
that you are my moon
and I am your stars
and in this universe we bloom
shiner in this galaxy of ours

Nov 29th, 2021
Our Twinkling Love
A fairy tale that isn’t a fairy tale
it’s the true reality of out deepest feelings and desire for each other
For my Fatima Gul 💞
682 · Aug 2021
Meri Zindagi !
Muhammad Ali Aug 2021
میری دعاؤں میں میرے خیالوں میں

بس اک نام بسا ہے اور وہ نام ہے تمہارا

میرے دل میں اور میرے دماغ میں

ہے بسیرا تمہاری ہی یادوں کا

تمہاری ہی باتوں کا

تمہارے ماہ رخ رخسار کا

تمہارے معطر لبوں کے الفاظ کا

تمہارے پری رخ کی مسکان کا

تمہارے دل ربا انداز کا

تمہاری چشمِ خمار پرور کا

تمہارے لبوں کی ساغر کا

تمہاری میٹھی معصوم باتوں کا

تمہارے ہر اک انداز کا

غرض کہ ہر اس اچھے احساس کا

مجھے جو تمہاری دید سے ملتا ہے

مجھے جو تمہارے گمان سے ملتا ہے

وہ یقین کو میرے یوں ہی ہر پل

مضبوط سے مضبوط تر ہی کرتا ہے

کے جانِ جاناں، میری فاطمہ گل

تم میری ہو، تم میری ہو، تم میری ہو

اور میں تمہارا ہوں، میں تمہارا ہوں اور بس تمہارا ہوں

ہمیشہ ، بے انتہا ، تا لامکاں ، سدا ، دائم

تمہارا محمد علی

Aug 12th, 2021
My first urdu poetry for my love !
675 · Aug 2021
My Irreplaceable One !
Muhammad Ali Aug 2021
for my Fatima Gul

I was passing days ordinary as myself
Until your appearance extraordinary as yourself
I never found someone so relatable to my life
Like a mirror you reflected so clearly
All what's been going on in my life
Just as we talked about everything
We came closer with every thought
Even though we talked too little
But with every shared thought
I found you ever closer to my heart
I never thought that any stranger
Can feel so much like home
with all the warmth and joy
that you always have been
Like a light in gloom
My life gets bloomed
With the joy and jokes
You always evoke
You make me feel good
and you make me laugh
I cherish those moments
Tho very little they are
With your beautiful name
You're much more lovelier
I wish for you my Fatima Gul
Everything that is beautiful

With love
~Muhammad Ali
Yours and always yours 💞
July 17,2021
The First Poem I wrote for the love of my life....
It was her birthday and she wanted this as her present...
I love her more than anything in this whole world !
637 · Jul 2022
Muhammad Ali Jul 2022
How broken I feel today
tears in my eyes yet
trying my utmost to look okay
I literally break into pieces
when they try to take you away
for you are a part of me
and you too have parts of me
you’re engraved in my soul
why am I feeling this way
like they’re making me unwhole
i wish they knew
what it means to us
i wish they knew
that our life will egress
i wish they knew
to not even try
for life is void
if we aren’t conjoined
this moment is passing
and with clock ticking
I feel a torment i’ve never experienced
with every second I break into pieces
making it harder to breathe and see
it’s ******* you i know this too
my love I wish for us to forever never
experience the likes of this pain ever
never have I ever felt
this helplessness and futility
I want to do allott
but it’s too precious to risk
I wish trial passes and never repeats
for never has my heart ever endured
on this much strength for its beats
my Fatima Gul it’s you and always you
I won’t ever be if I don’t have you

November 1st, 2021
~ me
It was a day I remember so clearly, for I wrote this with a heavy heart. Tears run down my eyes while I wrote it, that too at work. For I know I cannot ever live without her ever, SHE is my LIFELINE <3
401 · Jun 2019
How he left us!
Muhammad Ali Jun 2019
He left our hearts scarred
He left with our minds in rage
He left with a heart probably,
That stopped beating for us anymore
That’s how my father left us
With our minds shattered and our hearts torn
He left without thinking a bit
Left us only to embrace
Only to ask our mother why?
And she’s given the answer
Our Father left us,
For he got Love only for some others
But can’t give that to us
My mother could give her life
And she has given her life to us
Our Father we hope to love
But will he ever love us?
He still breathes, He still eats
He still earns, He still lives
But not for us anymore
For he doesn’t care
But what is it to live
Without a father
He doesn’t know
For he doesn’t even care
He left us in vain
He left us alone

16/6/2019 (Father’s Day)
153 · Jul 2022
One Year since “ILY”
Muhammad Ali Jul 2022
This year that passed is the best so far
my sky now shines with a moonlight star
a star that brightens up my whole sky
brought to me the heavens’ joy
bloomed my garden with eden’s finest
crowned my heart, my queen the highness
she came and conquered my imperfections
nourished them and made her kingdom
how divine is this godly connection
that we share beyond resurrection
in her I confide with my life and soul
with her I’m forever, she made me whole
with countless blessings from lord himself
I find her the greatest of all by herself
this love we share and the bond that’s knot
dropped the grieves and sorrows to nought
I loved her my whole life and I love her still
forever I’ll do and forever I will
I thank you my darling, my love, my gul
for this year of mine was the most beautiful

26th July 2022
12:00 Am
It's our anniversary today, for on the exact same date, past year, we confessed of what we hid in our hearts, the most beautiful feelings of pure love and care. I fell in love with the most beautiful person and it was that day when I gathered all the courage to tell her and so did she. Its her and always will be, my first, last and forever love, my gul who is the most beautiful
103 · Jul 2022
My Sun and My Moon
Muhammad Ali Jul 2022
Like the sun you rise
and  brighten my life
Like a moon you pull
the waves of my soul
And the moon smiled
And the sun twinkled
but both were jealous
of your stardust soul
Like the sun is to moon
You are to me my Gul
With your glamor I Shine
Without you I'm dull
With you my Fatima Gul
My existence is meaningful

Sep 20, 2021
It's been a while that I wrote something good for my sweetheart, my Fatima Gul, the most beautiful, the love of my life Alhamdulillah....
I think about her and I feel blessed to have her in my life. She's my everything and I love her bht bht bhttt zyadaa 💞
Fatima Gul !

You are everything to me.
I love you 💞💞

— The End —