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Jul 2022
This year that passed is the best so far
my sky now shines with a moonlight star
a star that brightens up my whole sky
brought to me the heavens’ joy
bloomed my garden with eden’s finest
crowned my heart, my queen the highness
she came and conquered my imperfections
nourished them and made her kingdom
how divine is this godly connection
that we share beyond resurrection
in her I confide with my life and soul
with her I’m forever, she made me whole
with countless blessings from lord himself
I find her the greatest of all by herself
this love we share and the bond that’s knot
dropped the grieves and sorrows to nought
I loved her my whole life and I love her still
forever I’ll do and forever I will
I thank you my darling, my love, my gul
for this year of mine was the most beautiful

26th July 2022
12:00 Am
It's our anniversary today, for on the exact same date, past year, we confessed of what we hid in our hearts, the most beautiful feelings of pure love and care. I fell in love with the most beautiful person and it was that day when I gathered all the courage to tell her and so did she. Its her and always will be, my first, last and forever love, my gul who is the most beautiful
Muhammad Ali
Written by
Muhammad Ali  25/M/Rawalpindi, Pakistan
(25/M/Rawalpindi, Pakistan)   
   guy scutellaro
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