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Feb 22 · 127
RJW Feb 22
the clock struck midnight
and the darkness stood still
in the hidden corner, a flicker loomed
casting pale drops of light
on creatures hibernating in dreams
as if to crack the doorway
illuminating a night path
through thin veils of waking
into the watery ebb of pink yellow
bleeding into the clouds
opening the eyes of the sky
to see us, nesting underneath
in the hollows and mountains of the earth
Jul 2023 · 180
RJW Jul 2023
slowly light spreads
unrolling a thick nebulae carpet
deep forrest in the night sky
coruscating amethyst meadows
growing star drops and fire cups
tiny diamonds strewn
on the angelic borderlands
of a place far too beautiful
Jun 2023 · 212
RJW Jun 2023
fire within, greater than the flame of the stars
seared in cracks of desert and forest rivers
capillaries of life
in deep valleys of yesterday’s silhouettes
tomorrow is forever leading,  
cradling vehemently against the force of
winds that ravage the valley with wolves’ teeth
sheltering a flickering warmth that revives
amid the glacier rivulets in the winter days
revives and longs to grow into a forest fire
abounding in ardour
except instead of torching all to ash
alighting its arms around
every flower and stem of life
Jan 2023 · 179
RJW Jan 2023
the stars twinkled over us
we spent it almost together
restless nights, heated indecision
long car drives and destinations
two planets, briefly aligned
surfing the warmth of the celestial ocean
the sky ripped open, our places in the cosmos
gently arrayed side by side
you: an anchor in my waves
my floating being; freedom and tumult
me: the water, the sea, washing over your strength and sturdiness
a free spirit, a water nymph, swimming alongside
pooling over you in blue melancholy
two hearts alight with the glow of the other,
just out of orbit, reaching
so close, yet so far away
different corners of the heavens
written for him; the star in the other corner of my galaxy.
Jan 2023 · 113
RJW Jan 2023
all the shadows in the world it seems
have fallen from the sky of my innermost self
clouded over and collecting in outstretched palms
trickling to overflow over my fingers
completely saturating
and if to refresh for a second, to drown the next
the oak tree in the forest knows this
he is witness to all
that dance on the borderline of chaos and hollows
in the deepest ocean of blackness and canyons
within the inside
the carved out ribs of mountains that thrum with wind-whistle
and glint in the shade of ashen branch piles
May 2020 · 192
RJW May 2020
the skyline melted
a soft molten candle
spiced tea and honey
steeping in the roof of the earth
the seawater flecked golden
in the mirror glazed shore
undescribed radiance
inside this hallowed cove
muted sea-spray and sunrises
May 2019 · 451
RJW May 2019
they all turned their faces away
bore flares
of sleeping suns
sails billowing
unfurling stems
heavy with blood orange petals
carpeted burgundy
cracked stone
riverbank of leaves
flaxen deeply
covered in willow hair
tidal river’s race
Mar 2019 · 351
where the earth grows soft
RJW Mar 2019
dust, wood
the ground grows soft there
a sheet of pine needles
footprints etched into
the chestnut hues of autumnal life
softly the air gives way to raindrops
feeding the trees,
their steeples covering
creatures who wander their corridor
merging into the tarmac
stippled with pebbles
and freckles of water and fire
Jul 2018 · 398
RJW Jul 2018
one slender shoot
growing through the
shadows of serpentine weeds
the blackest of stones
in shrouds of whole brilliant suns
nectarine fire in tongues of holy flame
in the grain of dormant seeds
within creatures
sleeping, waiting to be saved
For the people who walked in darkness have seen a great light, those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them has light shone.

Isaiah 9:2
May 2018 · 562
RJW May 2018
velvet sheets
threaded from shimmering webs
glacier streams
alabaster; moonbeams
burnished drop of light
sleeping with eyelids
painted in shades of
Apr 2018 · 394
RJW Apr 2018
rain is sifting through the leaves              
nests of bramble, blackberry  
ferns green and resting in
noon's shadowed face
shining drops, halcyon
washing April blue until
the moon blinks
Apr 2018 · 663
Voyage Of A tiny Soul
RJW Apr 2018
why do the trees hug the shoreline so closely?
in twists of tangled arms
green flags, sprouting twigs
the lonely glare, floating in between the mirrored
crisp fractals of light
sliced into the blue deep
a tiny paper boat, sprigged with daisies
sailing the horizon
balancing an endless tightrope
tipping into the pulsing heart of the sky
over the edge
of the world.
Sep 2017 · 806
frost and flame
RJW Sep 2017
in places of shadowed hearth
arms of candle fire reach through the window panes
into the breath of frozen lips, the ballerinas of frost who dance into sleep
on all the leaves  in swathes of amber flood, the sun sinks down his head to rest
in beds of fire-colored moths,  clumps of dew and bracken hedge
Just a short piece. Thinking about the warm and cold months of our year :) It's actually spring in New Zealand but autumn has been on my mind x
May 2017 · 1.0k
water nymph
RJW May 2017
these effervescent streams
drown my hands
in swirls of sun and cloud flecked waters  
the myrtle and beech sing
with joy to be alive
they feel it in their leaves
monarch – she floats on tinkling voices
marigolds and dusty rose bud hands
lift her wings
water beetles and feathers
scattered with duck bills
tuck themselves in
to their river bed
For my Mum and fellow-poet SallyS on Mother's Day <3
Apr 2017 · 551
lemon light
RJW Apr 2017
small yellow bloom
swaying between the dawn and mist of dusk
her legs dance through the grass and pebbled bays
lichen clings to the trees,  security in the ebb and flow
of the silver oyster moon’s face,
beaming, full-cheeked for now
but so very fickle tomorrow
when the storm breathes russet
and lightning splits the sky into violet mountain peaks
i really don't know what to say about this little piece except that often in my moments of sadness, I get little glimpses of beauty in the form of a word or color. And yellow is something that I've found to be so simple but  joyful. Especially lemon, there can be sweetness in moments of pain or sourness. A bright light in the darkness :)
Feb 2017 · 594
under his wings
RJW Feb 2017
our feet tread on cautious shadows
fleeting swan feathers, running through shallow voices
fire my love, inside your spirit
bridle it and ride over the crescent
of moon, arched in perfect tension
a taught bow string; trembling silver fire
waiting for the quiver
hidden in the angel's hand
filled to overflowing with restless arrows
tumbling through the raven nights
"He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge."  Psalm 91:4
Feb 2017 · 484
RJW Feb 2017
rows of owls roost in their hair
secretly, I know that the trees are artists
they paint the air with fluttering brushes
scalloped and veiny
fingers so slowly tracing the clouds
who swing close to dust
in sprawls of fog and rain fairies
bless this ground
aspen and pine soak in it
tiny mouths rooted in the dew
mud and puddles
windows into the sky
where the roses' souls catch
napes and necks
in amber
melted petals
Jan 2017 · 1.4k
Dewdrop Falls
RJW Jan 2017
there hides a secret in the heart of the ferns
stars sing over this gilded corner of pixie homes and rippled pool
cool tears of the saturated mountain heights flow down the sloped arms
of hills, sprouting with seeds and clovers
to spill into the lake, dancing dragonfly wings
jasper and honey
here the lilies form goldfish ceilings
hearing every incantation above and below
rimmed stalks surround them, soft and tall
rabbits run wild, lacing round trunks of magnolia and pear
olive and ancient dogwood
the air sings of fairy work, a breathing painting of magic
dedicated to my kindred spirit; Jess :)
RJW Jan 2017
brittle leaves swing with windchime thrills
scattering minature fairy hats northwards
bristle tops of seeded whimsy
light strokes branches of resilience
revealing notches and furrows filled with courage
warmed and hazelnut tones of sap and towering elegance
in the end flourishing into taffeta skirts of green
plumes, plums and sour-apple caterpillars
Dec 2016 · 754
RJW Dec 2016
quiet darkness
so it covers them
the hills awash with soft onyx breath
wandering paths of frosted stardust
glittering like shards of tears; pearlescent
December , close your eyes
light of the perpetual dreamer
snowflake, gentle traveler
of the heavens you traipse down
barely a ripple on the laced, moonlit hills
Nov 2016 · 665
RJW Nov 2016
tree spirits beckoned
through pools of dawn's blushing glow
trees silvered seeping with soft musk and hazel
their lilting throngs of whispering tilleul arms
splitting misted air into swirls of hushed enchantment
pressed into the grass with strokes of emerald shade
etched into that twisting turret
a hundred
each a miniature scroll of letters and words
blazing through sap and bark and bramble
each a sample of language
the ancient and vast
ink of sun's blood, gilt and dragon's fire
A dream ~
Nov 2016 · 676
With us
RJW Nov 2016
smudged into the soil
rooted amongst the oaks
Your life echoes through their depths
shines through linden arms
resounds within silent windows
through which You illuminate my spirit
sylvan winds sway my mind
one day isolated, only to see
reminders that You are here
and the crescent You carved
and fixed in night's sleep;
she glows over fragile souls
evening is peppered with freckled light
soft gleams of vanilla
still lies night's heart
black sheets washed in the crumbs
of a celestial banquet
You hold this world in love
and touch the hills with dawn's shining face
wiping away fear
pooling our tears
and watering the earth
I'm being reminded that Father God and the Holy Spirit are always with us.We as believers sometimes struggle with the feeling of isolation from Him but the truth is that He is always with us and loves everyone so much. <3
Sep 2016 · 420
RJW Sep 2016
borderlines, precipices
clumps of breath-heavy
irises, mauve and lacing
caffeinated storms
sadly don't deter
residual figures haunt halls
dreams, thoughts
revealing mind's eye
marring clear water
dream trespassers, visitors from the subconscious.
Sep 2016 · 525
RJW Sep 2016
plant the seedlings of wanderlust  
into the thinning gloom
throbbing with the last touch of night
mingled with remnants of moon
down an avenue of silver, stardust, far off places
some day
sun bathed rooftops
terracotta, buttermilk
olive terraces,  the sea's bed
blinking eyes of a vast heartland
... delighted to meet you!
nostalgia for the forgotten, far off lands of sunshine. one day x
Aug 2016 · 805
RJW Aug 2016
he is a never-ending wondering
a small zephyr
copse of oaks
opaline birch sleeping in dappled moonlight
a quietly felt remembrance
Jun 2016 · 635
solace: sleeping waters
RJW Jun 2016
submerge the surface of your soul around my ankles
gingerly then violently raging against the shore
sable night coastline
soaking into the vast stretch of finely crumbled sun stars
leaving your residue of pearled-breath on
the unspoken words of a hundred poets
mixing the briny depths into metaphors
the lock-lipped horizon
keeping secrets only He knows the answers to
obsoletes of one place
originals of the other
Peace is hard to come by when the world is in chaos and so is your mind - but God resides in the quiet moments. The midnight sea always reminds me of this.
May 2016 · 614
RJW May 2016
well, this is how it has been for a spell
the cobweb-festooned lungs of the frosted swallow
nesting in the corners and ridges of a hollow oak
a place of safety in tones of lonely cyan and frozen smiles
she has struggled to emit ballads of spring's beginnings
amongst the ambers of autumn's changes and endings
plant a miniature sprout of armistice into her ashen feathers
a gradual woodland of softly moving joys in her blood
A letter to God. x
May 2016 · 1.5k
the Other Side of a memory
RJW May 2016
lean over the edge
into a pool of pungent wistfulness
on the other side of a memory
scrawled over crumpled pages
or in the depths of a silent tear
reaching out for lost history
falling gold and hushed wafts of jasmine
rising notes of the promised tomorrow
stitching together the divide
Dedicated to Mum x  Happy Mother's Day everyone!
I was trying to think how to best capture the feelings that come when delving through old boxes of memories and the nostalgia that comes with remembering a far off past in a different place (whether it be across the country or across the sea). Life changes but memories stay with us :)
Apr 2016 · 912
Dear Midnight
RJW Apr 2016
can i ask a favor?
let me climb all the way up
through the chalk of the night
scatters of seeping ivory and wan silver
treading on the tiny reminders of design
wading knee-deep through the tide of marbled moon's blood
luminescent and whispering
in flickering voices
and twinkling smiles
and let me slumber
amongst their soft and burning hues
floating in ebony waters
overflowing with splendor
The night sky is lit up with the wonder & majesty of God <3
Apr 2016 · 463
Peut-être (perhaps)
RJW Apr 2016
you grace my world with soft words and warmth
a tiny light in the midst of a hurricane
or a blizzard that freezes my mind raw
shivering from the lack of anchored sea and
buffeted by the continuous waves, breaking self into smithereens on the taloned rocks
the split ends in my hair are actually undercover friends, tiny reminders of what-needs -to-be
of molasses in my throat, coating my lungs and clinging to my breathing
like a shadow of a former life or long-lost friend
who time and haunted emails have not re-traced
it's a moment of perplexity, of the out-of-place standing like a lamp-post in the street
sight choked by nostalgia

his oblivion.
Some of my rather torturous intertwined emotions about letting go.
Apr 2016 · 659
Born Of the Dust
RJW Apr 2016
she is a fragilely sculpted being
born of earth and dust and dirt
a world's oblivion is coiled around her hair
flowing over shoulders that bear numerous opinions
and sometimes various glances of vague curiosity, disdain or admiration
the celestial tied to this tiny sliver of mud
freckled aquamarine speck
bound to the earth through delicate ties
a shell of the terrestrial

the mortal who clothes herself in immortality
through the only Way
the rise of the Spirit over the desolate flesh
only through His Blood is she reminded of His divine sacrifice
for all the delicate beings that reside temporarily
on this tainted planet

she smiles in triumph
studying a loosely strung thread
a tapestry of silvered fibres
naked in exposure when caught
in strong sunlight and a thin clasp
of miniscule enchantment

oh you are of temporary matter
temporary breath
temporary flesh
temporary glory

until eternity begins
We are all temporary beings in this life.
RJW Apr 2016
i wonder if they know the mystery
a conundrum of molten sentiments
an enigma of misheard or broken statements
a solitary piece of bone china, shattered on the ground

how did it happen?

that's what she asked herself in the haze
of phantoms choking her with lingering
smoky fingers of regrets and unspoken words
suffocating that tiny part of
her unscathed technicolor imagination

you know

the part that hasn't been sabotaged by visions of dramatic and morbid situations
that drip with the inky blood of the lost or escaped prisoners of old time ideas and essays
the state of the free and softly molded sparks
that dance in bright fields of constellations and galaxies
nebulas of true hope and joy
floating in a void of fear soaked thoughts
Mar 2016 · 576
RJW Mar 2016
tell me, what do they feel like?
satin on skin, silken and luxurious
gently brushed rose petals, their velvet caress soothing pain
maybe sandpaper, each syllable dripping with poison ivy, a deadly venom of voice or pen
stabbing you with ink quilled thoughts
chewing on stained letters, each a glass edged piece of
branded CAPITAL LETTERS on the page of your cranium
burning and scalding you as they spill off your tongue
quietly, shh, speak in soft shades of lavender
or bellow it to the crowds, in violent flames of vermillion
soothe or salt the wound of another with your pen
forgive or arm yourself with a battalion of frenetic artillery

or let silence frame your contentment
Our words have major power to bring darkness or light.
Mar 2016 · 759
RJW Mar 2016
a multi faceted jewel
each ripple a reflection of
the burning in the atmosphere
a subtle, swift flick
sapphire, the color of many skies condensed
then poured over the terrain below
in a finale of deep waters
aglow with the heavens pride
and a whisper reveals its name
The sea is so beautiful :)

— The End —