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Southampton, Liverpool, Bournemouth and Hull
Places in England that give you the pull
going by ****** or National Express
Wherever you want it can cost you less
booking in 3 or more months in advance
lets you see scenery takes only a glance
from down south and London and places above
get into Scotland you'll need to wear glove
Cross the border and hear the sound of the pipes
or get into wales - a choir - ooh cripes
a sound that gives you goosebumps
a sound that makes you cringe
keep going north my friend
and watch the Edinburgh Fringe
we are in the essence of time
a time that ne'er stands still
a time that stands for no one
the plants on the window sill
time is such like music
that moves to the weary beat
our hearts are marching onward
time will give us that treat
We'll move on forward together
right to the end of the age
and peace and harmony reward us
our lifetime time shall gauge
Patricia Ellis known affectionately as Mum
bought me up and named me Son
from England to New Zealand
and other locations abroad
opened my eyes to the blessings that were poured
now she has claimed eternal rest
Thank you Mum you were the best
Christmas is over and families have gone home
The dinner has affected me lying here like a garden gnome
The snow is falling round about and lights are on my tree.
My band is quiet now and enjoys a break like me
There's only all the leftovers that we have to polish off
And then the bugs our families left its given me a cough
We only have to wait for the brand new year to come
That was Christmas 2014 another year is done
I met Rowen 20 years ago didn’t really
know him at that time. 2 years ago I was visiting my mum in nz
and was staying with Dee and shells friends of mine for the full
7 weeks and Dee said I could go and meet someone for a coffee
which is still going on today don’t know what was in the coffee but has bought some big stories .I went on a site in New Zealand called NZ dating and this someone  started talking to me for a lengthy amount of time saying he was from the uk and talking about how I was on holiday 1 night before I was due to fly home and by this time staying with him at his house in mount maunganui he said I should go and pack my suitcase for going home I just went and stared at my case and did nothing he came in 10 minutes later and said why haven’t you done any packing yet I just broke down which got him going so we went for walk on the beach and as the full moon shone down I got down on 1 knee and proposed . 2 years on has bought 2 awesome families together
I am a sheet of music
I start quietly building on the quartet of Strings
the Violin starts a shimmering sound
backed up with the viola
the solemn sound of the cello
and the ground breaking bass
united in harmony

There is a rest a break in note
I am part of a Symphony an overture
out of the heart of the music
a quiet roll
the timpani building in sound
full orchestra building in amazing ******

Fireworks, Percussion, Brass, Woodwind, Strings
Combined together in unity
performing to the quality levels of sound
the amazing Tchaikovsky in 1812

Creativity and Imagination
shaking the core of the earth
One fine day on a sandy beach
I saw something in the clouds
slightly out of reach
It was my dreams inside my mind
my life in full and intertwined
I've traveled near and far away
from Liverpool to Cayton Bay
I love to see the various sights
and when with friends we put the world to rights
through rain and hail and sun and snow
I can show you where to go
now I'm married and acheiving my dream
Me and hubby are an expert team
He helps me and I Help him
when put together we're proper and prim
our dream keeps going round and round
but at the moment is sound on sound
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