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  Apr 2015 Revi Abari
some people are like wounded animals
completely damaged
may God know why

and you shouldn't let them suffer
these wounded animals
no.. they should die
Revi Abari Apr 2015
Question: What’s wrong?
My eyes sting from all the crying
I have no friends
I have no ambitions other than to die early
Medication can’t fix me, talking doesn't help me
Can’t see therapists anymore in fear they’ll call 211
Crying myself to sleep every night
Have to keep lying to myself so I can get out of bed
I hate myself
I’m weak, stupid, worthless, pathetic, ugly, fake, and empty
All I do is cause others to worry about me not that they care until I’m at my breaking point
It gets worse every day but I’m keeping it all inside for your sake
I want to die
I don’t want to make you worry or burden you with my problems
                                                        ­                    Answer: I’m fine
Revi Abari Apr 2015
It’s a shame that my country doesn't care about my futures

A government where every Politician has the same ideas
Like our economic problems aren't a big deal
Weve been shielded from reality to think everything’s fine
But what happens when the time comes where you can’t hide behind your political party
Or is trying to help our country as useless as trying to find information on a wiped hardrive
Revi Abari Apr 2015
Fact is glorified opinion
Science is glorified perception
I sound like a conspiracy theorist
But I don’t think I've gone mad
Ask yourself these questions and you’ll back yourself into a corner because you can’t find an answer
Prove that you know anything beyond your perception
Preach to me your morality
Your opinionated justice
Tell me what you based your current knowledge on
Your reality is a fallacy
Your society gives you a false sense of security
Truth is a fallacy to protect your fragile reality
Prove that 1+1=2 when its just a man made system
It was created by a human filled with flaws
Government is made by these men
This is why ****** rebellion will never end
No system is perfect so how can we use it to govern others
How can we inflict our unfounded beliefs?
Good intentions forced on others
Is no different than an evil act
You can’t cure ignorance by yourself
So flee to the land of your fabled ideology
The sky is the limit if you step out of the box
So you don’t go crazy over not knowing everything
Every science article you read, every fact that you see, everything you've seen on TV
These are a part of your fragile realty
Its all you've ever known
Don’t make me laugh with the notion that you can be unbiased
You are a human with emotions after all
For you are a frog in a pond that knows not of the ocean
So I ask again please tell me how you know anything past your own ethnocentrism
  Apr 2015 Revi Abari
Shadowy clouds of realization form.
Truth rains down, cold and wet
with no umbrella of illusion to keep me dry.
Reality roars, trembling my bones.
I fear what's about to be before me.
In a instant, depression strikes
dragging me back to that sad sorrowful place
where fairy tales stop holding my hand and heart.
depression described from the perspective of storm.
  Apr 2015 Revi Abari
Haydn Swan
If only you knew the damage caused
a few small words said and forgotten
days and hours of painful analysing
awake late at night, cold sweat haze
reliving, re-enacting, in my mind
caught in a time trap, held on repeat
left on my own, locked in this hurt
I hear my voice repeat as I cry
eternally asking the question, why?
  Apr 2015 Revi Abari
Its sad really
Because the only reason I haven't killed myself yet
Is because I don't want to hurt anyone
But the reason I want to **** myself is because everyone is hurting me
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