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It's mwe May 2019
What is loneliness
For those who always show their happiness
What is regretness
For those who always give their forgiveness
People think they are harmless
Then don't realize that they are actually ruthless
Sometimes i feel
Like we just need a heal.
It's mwe May 2019
I'm trapped in my own thought
in my own trick
in my own way
I'm trapped in a little contentment.
It's mwe May 2019
I brought some rolls for us tonight
so the photograph would be under the blue and yellow light
because the world is now knowing that we both alright
after leaving those fight and some dark night.
It's mwe Feb 2019
A girl created her own deep hope
When she is broken,
She put her feelings into poems
And she listened to every single silent of her soul
And jumped into a buried smile
And gathered all the sparkling frustration
And disappeared in a covered damage;
She is a master of a nicest holocaust

Until she discovered her own contentment
And destroyed the unfortunate events
of herself
And cherised a timeless adventure
And rewarded an aimlessly silhouette
And pondered an untouchable bliss;
She is a master of a wildest serendipity.
It's mwe Feb 2019
Do you wanna fly over the sand
It is close but it’s safe
Or do you wanna fly over the sky
It is far but you can see the star

Remind me when you are wasted
And down under 16 degrees
I would hug you even more
And pay the lifetime with you, forever
But forever has its end

I see your heart plastered
And now that you are frightened
We could say forever
But forever has its end

Let’s headed way downtown
I would let you pay for the miserable you
Oh I wonder if I’m closer than I’ve ever been

And we claimed that everything is forever
But forever has its end
today's draft
It's mwe Jan 2019
they said we fall in love at 2 a.m
when you and i fight with our demons
and spill out our swear words

they said we fall in love at 2 a.m
when our problems are revealed
and our scars are redeemed

they said we fall in love at 2 a.m
when conversations starting to sprout
and promises starting to knock us out

and i left my last words at 2 a.m
when you slam the flam
and that night you feel ashamed.
It's mwe Jan 2019
Your permanent melody
isn't the first one I've heard
But smiling,
was the only reaction I did
And I felt strange
of being a tone in your melody

I come down to the balcony lately
catching the sun with its orange
that showers the ground perfectly
As you know,
I'll always love how it rises up
and even goes down shiverly
together with your harmony

I don't sound like any other tone
And none of them are grim
I mean.. yeah
They are made for your ears
Mine, it doesn't sound rhythmic
but none of them are gimmick
You may wanna hear them in the attic.

Oh I'm glad I am me.
I made this under the light, and it's white. So i titled this Whilight.
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