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  Aug 2017 Lunar
Melaka Jude
Him and her
Us and they
I and me
Might and may

Day and night
Land and sea
Sun and stars
Faith and belief

Love and war
victory and defeat
joy and happiness
tidy and neat

Shoes and hats
Frocks and shirts
Pants and bottoms
Lovers and Flirts

Ying and Yang
With a little bit in both
A world apart
But an inch too close

You and him
Him and me
Me and you......
*Opposites and Equals
  Aug 2017 Lunar
Ronell Warren Alman
You may struggle and fall
But, you get back up and try again
Persistence is the key
Just stay positive my friend
Have a desirable will
To just continue on
Climb that mountain
And be heartstrong
  Aug 2017 Lunar
Ronell Warren Alman
Continue to motivate
Always be there to inspire
Promote the positive
Teach them to reach higher
The students can be great
Just be their guiding light
Encourage and empower
Help them make their world bright
  Aug 2017 Lunar
Ronell Warren Alman
Always appreciate what you have
Set forth your priorities
Moments will come to pass
And all you will have is memories
Get your life together
Spread nothing but good cheer
Learn to stand up tall
Empower yourself year after year
  Aug 2017 Lunar
Marietta Ginete
Because of him I think of words that play with my heart.
He makes my fingers dance on a keyboard and it creates beautiful words that wish to be shared.
He is the reason why my hands want to create works of art.
He is why my heart feels so scared and unprepared.
I guess you could say that he was my inspiration.
  Aug 2017 Lunar
What makes a teenager today any different?
A guitar and some cigarettes; it's all the same,
I grew up thinking we could all be magnificent;
I struggle to find someone that we can all blame,

We look towards our idols for some inspiration,
Just to see the same inadequacy we see in the mirror,
Line after line drawn; words with drugs, no imagination,
All of their issues and so much for them to consider,

I'd like to think of a day we get past our disgusting obsession,
Of picking celebrities no better than the next ******,
And voting in a man who was protested at his inauguration;
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