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priya mistry Feb 2017
We are waves of people
We don't accept defeat
Carrying generations of their blood
Etched on the palms of our hands and the soles of our feet
We defy the laws of gravity, our cosmic bodies in orbit always revolving
We possess a transformative skin
Continuously moving, constantly evolving

Current crashing, ripping through the earth
Roaring tides behind us, our vicious flood fights
The foundation of millennial’s - conscious, violently beautiful beings
Our loud waters, impossible to ignore, amorously painting our rights

The right, the will, the intense appetite
Flavored by salty words with a sweet impulse for action
Drowning all numbness, consuming the calm which once was
Thinking like philosophers, walking like warriors, as they record our reaction

Thin, musty white air trying to cover the shifting blue hues
The water never stops moving
the ripples inconceivably vast,
Our wave leaves masterpieces of celestial proportions
Our space is here now,
our tomorrow will not echo the past

Ours roots are planted and grown in our cities
Perfectly immortalized in a valiant state of existence
We are waves of people, waves of voices
A digital age of collective resistance

- p.m
priya mistry Feb 2015
Seed my soul
Wash me clean
Drink my juice
From in between
Feed me love
Extract the bad
Feel my fingers
Flush my fears
Get addicted to my poetry
Make my laugh your song
Buy me that priceless look
Everytime I come down
In the new gown we bought that one day
Dance with me all night, take my breath away
I’ve been longing, longing for you
Make me feel that lovely feeling again
Give me strength
Give me motivation
Give me something to believe in
Ring out all my tears
Make me realize they were worth every drop to finally have you beside me
Be my gentle boy but my ticklish animal
Be my best friend and my lover
Let my dreams come true already, I’ve been waiting
Let me taste the lust of this forbidden creature that is out there somewhere hiding

- p.m
priya mistry Oct 2014
Maybe my minds too occupied by you to fall for anyone new
Maybe I've lost connection with the world the day I connected with you
Maybe there's a possibility that your my light at the end of the subway tunnel
Rushing at me, ripping the darts of winds, surrendering my body to the fat tides of air fanning my hair in every direction, stopping in front of me, doors opening, maybe it's you taking me on the ride to the next stop, where to darling ?
And if it's you I swear I recognized it long ago, the day I heard your loud laugh and turned around to see your foolish self for the first time,
the day we sat on the train side by side listening to the soft hums in each others headphones
The day you ran into me at the station, then again in the cafe I swear it was you when you remembered my full name
And you caught me by surprise with your stupid jokes
Your familiar chuckle and arrogant confidence
I stumbled across it only when you killed your vibe, lost touch with stamina and slowed down to catch up with me
and then it came again a year later when we were making fun of each other's paintings
It's hard not to fall when there's 101 things we share the same
We relate to each other I knew it when I felt you click in that part of my brain
The part that said the one that's been hidden all along
Has found his way to you some how
The time is now
So maybe I'm not the girl I used to be a year ago, willing to give anything a shot cause it's worth the risk
Maybe I've made enough mistakes and learned from them and I'm ready now to found something real, only if you insist
It was that moment of silence when I fell for your presence
When you weren't around me I missed our essence
Maybe it's too much to expect in a matter of passing weeks
But if this works out I promise I'll never leave.

- p.m
priya mistry Oct 2014
a story about eye contact

The look in his eyes reminded me of the fall; they pleaded of death with the misty admiration of life.
Slowly intoxicating green veins to shades of orange like a drug, making my spine and my lungs go numb all at once in a single glare.
He turned swiftly and broke my focus. Suddenly the noise of the fast moving crowd and passing trains disappeared in a soft hum. Everything became still, and I escaped into the eyes of a stranger that I felt I had known for a millennium. I held my breath as if something profound were to happen, As if the danty grey of his complexion would suddenly dust off and expose bits of his soul. I sneezed.

Bless you.

“Thanks” I said.

And then we started again. Weighing out moments on our hands waiting for the next break. In a moment, we passed soundlessly through a fresco of laminate dreams silently, coated by a serene sadness and a well-timed sneeze. It felt like hours until my stop would reach on the subway, an eternity with his eyes second by second meeting mine with no expression.

Now arriving at 6th Avenue Station. 6th Avenue Station.*

And in the next moment, one of us blinked; the moment passed, and we returned to being complete strangers.

priya mistry Oct 2014
leave her like you found her.

untouchably beautiful & wild.

priya mistry Oct 2014
I smell you.
whistling in the damp, cool air leaving trinkets of autumn's dying cologne to dance around my senses
I feel you.
wrapping your tender arms around me, transforming from shades of dark maroon to the brightest of yellows
I see you.
slowly spreading throughout the highest of mountains, leaving your traces everywhere you walk
you're entering a new universe, fearing we will forget you you leave your colour stained in our minds before the sun disappears and the snowflakes descend
before our fingers go numb and our hearts play pretend
before the windows get shut, and my skin doesn't touch your air for months
and after you leave, I gaze again into your dust
I miss you, I miss us.
you'll come again I rekindle, I'll await your sweet spice aroma and knitted sweater weather, I'll await him in hope he'll remember.
but it's only october first, and not to get too far ahead
but he's just beginning to weave his falling for me thread.


— The End —