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Aug 2019 · 616
First kiss
Prithvi Gude Aug 2019
And that was the moment
Under the stars.
It was just you, just me
Nothing but silence around
How long has it been
For us, to get
The first kiss

Silence around us,
Silence in her eyes
Silence on her lips
And we kiss

Was she surprised?
Was she irritated?
Was she anguished?
Was she angry?
Was she in love?
Am I in love?

Are we in love?
Yes, we are.
Are we in solace?
Yes, we are.
Are we happy?
Yes we are

Oh, and then she kisses me back
And her eyes tell me
I love you and I’ll be with you
Forever and forever

Aug 2019 · 502
Prithvi Gude Aug 2019
She was there, when I lost
She was there, when I won
She was there, when I cried
She was there, when I smiled
She was there, she was there
Always with me everywhere

Everyone asks me what do you call her,
Everyone asks me how do you see her,
Everyone tells me that I never leave her,
Everyone reminds me I’m nothing without her


Only I know something,
How she is, when
I went through everything

When I lose,
she took the pain
When I won,
she silently prayed
Whenever I cried,
She held me tight
Whenever I smiled,
She hugged me tight
And told me one thing
That I shouldn’t be bothered by anything

When I look at her,
I knew she’d make my wishes true
Coz She was my shooting star,
And I called her my Cheerleader ♥

~ PG
Jul 2019 · 777
Prithvi Gude Jul 2019
You let me stare,
Even though you’re aware

You make me smile,
Whilst you blushing all the while

You sweep me off my feet,
In a way, no can ever defeat

You make my heart fly,
Baby, I’ll never lie

I love you,
I love to be with you,
I love to smile with you,
I love to dance with you,
All I need in life is you ♥

~ PG
Jul 2019 · 1.1k
Prithvi Gude Jul 2019
And she blushes away,
Every time I say,
I love you

And she looks at me,
Every time I wish,
I'm hers

And she nods away,
Denying the fact,
That she loves me

And she smiles again,
Reminding me that,

Jul 2019 · 1.1k
Here & There
Prithvi Gude Jul 2019
When the sun goes down there,
It rises up here.
When you go to sleep there,
My day starts here.
When you stop shedding tears there,
A smile starts here.
When you get cuter there,
I blush over here.
When the smile ends there,
My day darkens here.
You’re back in India there,
I’m back in the US here.
But baby, you know what?
I love you, no matter what!

~ PG
Jul 2019 · 14.2k
That beautiful night!
Prithvi Gude Jul 2019
And she was tired, but not of me.
She’s such a sleeping beauty,
That I could stare at her all day.
Look at her, God! Just look at her
This day can’t get any better.
Isn’t she pretty, like some deity?

She blushes, she smiles,
She looks at me, from miles
All this while, looking at her
I realize already, that I’m into her
She doesn’t speak a lot,
Her eyes do it, taking her part
Whenever I say I love you,
Her lips go wide
From smile to grin,
Grin to blush
If this isn’t worth falling for,
What is?

She lifts me up, when I’m down,
She thrashes me, when I’m dumb
She cooks for me, when I want it the most
She showers love on me, when I need her the most.

And then she hugs me tight,
All worries were out of my sight.
That’s when I know, I’m hers,
No worries, Coz she already knows, she’s mine

~ PG

— The End —