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  Feb 2016 Luna
Livi M Pearson
Dear shattered moon
Let your pieces drag the sun
Shooting stars forming rainbows
Untill the dawn has begun

Jigsaws in formations
Millions of dreams to explore
Basking in the rays of you
Reflecting the waves on shore

Towers leaning, obtaining
The warm décor
Flowers on the open air
The smiles painted under a dusty floor

Little whispers of art
Black holes in empty rooms
Constellations in the moon
Loves evaporating fumes

To be not one with ones self
Half and half inside your coffee cup
A difference between
Six feet under and a million miles up

Never disturbing
The content of the beast
The savaging lust
The constant of the feast

Patient of a rendering love
Picture frames holding foreign lands
I could only roam in silent days
When darkness and light came hand in hand

Drown not just the stars
But the strings attached
Puppets of a sinner
The bridge collapsed

Mighty hands are the only hands
That could build the moon again
Luna Feb 2016
In the shadows I live
but not to hide
For they have weaved
a useful guide

Being in the dark
hides the pain
Avoiding the spark
never counts as a bane

Darkness is a friend
who comforts me
It will never bend,
(like the light)
pierce, and hurt, you'll see

Mysterious, silent, and unseen
it's okay to remain that way
For in the dark I feel safe
So there I shall stay
I posted this before in my previous account. Just leaving this right here.
Luna Feb 2016
Just kidding
No, I won't falter
Falter my guard
Guarding myself
From harm

Just kidding
No, I won't let
Anyone near
Won't let my 
Chilled heart
Be warm

Just kidding,
No more flowers
Happy-feely thoughts
That cloud up
My mind

Just kidding,
No, I won't play
Won't push next
But would rather,
Pause and rewind

Just morphing
Back into having
A chilled heart
That's uncapable
Of feeling anything

'Til the flowers
Grow back
Wrote this a few hours after (3) #
Luna Feb 2016
If only I could banish all 
the big dark clouds 
Trust me, I would
Drown all the voices
that scream so loud
So that the whisper that
matters would be heard
clear and proud

If only I could exchange everything
with a little bit of moonlight
Believe me, I will
For that wee ray of light
I'm willing to fight
those wild stormclouds
that would arrive

Until the moon
would come back to stay
And once again
everything will be okay
Luna Feb 2016
She lives in the dark
Among stars who light her reign
High up in the sky

Someone's keeping guard
Gravity will pull you down
There's no use reaching

But it won't stop me
From gazing at such beauty
I'm rendered speechless
Luna Feb 2016
A few seconds of his face
A glimpse of a biological pull
A desire to push and pinch
To slam and hold dear

Frissoning blossom
Blossoming feelings
Feeling warm
Feeling cold
Chilling heart
melting once more?


Not really
More of a pull
attraction caused
Causing strange
thoughts scattered
Wait, what?


Is it you
I'm wanting
I'm wishing
Wishful thoughts
Thinking of you
Your smile
smiling cutesy
Smiling for me

(I'm) weird,
(Your s)mile's
weird as well
Smile for me
(Make me happy)
(10-21-2015 - 01:31)
Luna Feb 2016
To keep her heart warm
All she wanted was a spark
But fire consumed her

Intense fire burning
And all that's left were ashes
'Til the heart's no more
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