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 Sep 2016 Luna
Midnight Rain
if* you were here,
we would sit here in silence
not speaking a word
just feeling the space
between us, where a
love too deep lingered

if you were here,
i'd look into your eyes
and know to their very depth
every word, every emotion

i would read your eyes,
swim and drown and tread through
them until
my night turned into day and back
into night again

i would find
all the words that were
never really said,
i would gather them up
in my arms and cradle
them close to my

in your eyes, so close and near,
i would have seen a universe held
just for me,
and only me

and i assure you,
if you were here,
you would find so much more
than a single universe retained just
for you,
*and only you
This poem means a lot to me, so thank you all so much for the love and support... I have failed to find such kindness anywhere else but here!:)) wishing all you guys so much happiness and love.

i am a mere word of this page
and you are the phrases i admire most that i can't have.
at least give me a proof of sentence,
that i am still part of your paragraph.
i've never thought that this boundless sea of whiteness
can be so lonesome.
the large gap between us and other words,
feels like the vastness of the ocean,
drowning me in and out of the pages.*

the untold story of the lonely word
 May 2016 Luna
Lora Lee
I am in limbo
      between universes
between stars
I am ensconced
       in my own light
in tangible luminance
stored deep inside
                      glass jars
I am whirling into new orbit
     as I take on this luster,
                 this shine
I furl forth choices
in magic spells weaving
                   and take back        
what was always
so rightfully mine
I now hold the staff
      that will part the seas
of my new way
       in this labor
because, honey, there
ain't no time
to waste
no horse
        no glowing, knighted savior
Until this hour
              I was crawling
         but I now I start to rise
as I have my final say
               and the northern lights
         spew out from behind my eyes
I am through with
          this land of ice, land of jagged spires
It is time to bust up
             all those submissive plans
          and spray the whole
place with arctic fire
yeah time to mark it
juice it up
till it licks up pain, till it burns
release pent up years
              of unneeded conflict,
of tensed up
           twists and turns
so just you try
to break me apart
as I try to navigate
between tectonic plates
on two lands
The only knight here
          is my own true self
the situation neatly
in my
     hot little hands
Written with the assistance of assorted empowering musical mind trips, such as New World part 2 and Polar Intertia-Vertical Ice.
 May 2016 Luna
Alanna Hoeveler
my darling is fearful
I want the best for her
she is sad but she's the luminous moon
you would disagree and cause a stir

I told you that you aren't your fear
you let it define you anyway
she called to her voices
told the darkness to stay

the moon was hiding from me
no where to be seen yet right in front of me
I looked right through her, she was not the same
locked up inside but her craters spoke I'm free

 May 2016 Luna
Stephen Purcell
To me, words sing. They carry me up to the heavens and drag me down to the depths.

Sentences soar. They lie there, dripping with juicy meaning as they whisper softly.

Descriptions dance. Well paced prose or the precise hitting of phonetic notes are a symphony to my ears.

Pearls are found amongst the thickest of slime. Masterpieces of diction, form and character one can uncover, buried underneath the deepest mires of messiness.

These glorious works, both lengthy and pointed, are attractive for one main reason: the thoughts and flavour they contain.
These concepts swirl and crystalise like intricate snowflakes and make me think, 'If only life was always like this'.

Webbed connections spin and mesh, reflections and shattered mirrors are found everywhere. The hallmarks of beauty and the breath of the Divine mix with dark and twisted truths. Great words and those more humble writings weave a magnificent tapestry indeed.
When Inspiro granted me a birthday present at 1am on the 14th of December, I used it as best I could. Here is a snapshot of my thoughts on reading and writing.
 May 2016 Luna
Beautiful cold night,
Diamonds flexing,
Heavy tombs,
Running stones,
Cold but warm,
Dark but bright,
Bright, the eyes of the space,
The stars,
Shining bright like a diamond
As if its bowing for the sun,
My heart slowing down,
Breathing is getting slower,
I can hear my own blood flowing through,
I can hear the cold whispers of the lost.

All I can imagine is you holding my hand,
Holding me tight,
Lips cuddling
Under the space filled with diamonds
That makes this moment bright.

Dancing on the tunes of
Sinatra with our hips as one.
Both souls singing,
Both hearts pumping as one,
Both eyes locked on mind.
This how I imagine my last night with you.
dancing with you
is like
dancing with the stars
 May 2016 Luna
i have wasted so much paper for you
i have told strangers things i haven't thought about telling you
i have written poetry like
its a cheap substitute for therapy
and i've held the pencil so hard the lead breaks
when my hands shake too much to keep going
i have gone to all of these great lengths
i have written epics about the way you left me
i have written sonnets about how you came back
ive never shown you any of this in fear you will see how my handwriting slowly deteriorates into shaky lines and abstract complaints
in fear that you will make the connection that i havent spent one day free of you since we met
i feel like i have so much to say
and maybe im an expert on beating around the bush
or maybe you're just too self absorbed to hear me
i have tried every way to encrypt my words and say them without letting their meaning sink into your skin
ive got enough for a novel but i havent made my point
i love you
stop hurting me
okay, now im done.
 Apr 2016 Luna
Dark Smile
 Apr 2016 Luna
Dark Smile
and you'll know what it is when you see it
and your throat begins to constrict
and your chest feels heavier
and it is just difficult to breathe
and you can feel emotions bubbling up from the pit of your stomach
and you know you are going to cry
and the memories come flooding back
and you know you just can't bear to feel again
and despite knowing this you don't look away
and you begin to wonder whether you actually like the pain
and it is getting more difficult to breathe
and you know that soon you are going to be overwhelmed
and you do nothing to stop it because it was a part of you for so long it demands to be felt and accepted wholly, completely it demands that you cling onto it and never let it go it wants your attention it need you attention it does not care about you it cares about your attention you fool stop living in the past the past is the past it is over get over it
 Apr 2016 Luna
Will Hegedus
All we have shared
Has made us who we are.
And I give thanks that, together,
We have grown taller and stronger.
But our growth is not
Dependent upon each other.
You may choose to grow with me still,
Or far away instead.
But I cannot forget
and I refuse to regret
The love we shared —
The love I hope to share again.

*– w.b.h. // please don't forget me
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