Poetic T Feb 18
Rumours fly like dead carcasses,
             infecting those who they land upon.

But no one realizes that they were bitten, corrupted
             burrowing beneath conscious thought.

Seeding the larvae of what would seed within
            the canals of corrupted reflections.

Never realising that every thought was laid
            well before they knew and hatched diseased.
Poetic T Feb 18
A man of knowledge
    can be learnt, even though taught.
For the teacher who
           has forgotten there lessons,
Must learn new ways from the pupil..
Poetic T Feb 18
The anchor that never sinks
            but keeps the family in one place.

                       Never sinking
but one that keeps you all together
                  through the rough times

Never drifting
                 but kept you anchored to one place
and safe in the turbulent times.
Poetic T Feb 17
Unravelling as we were woven together,
she was whole,
                               but I was losing strands
of conscious motions.  

Even though I was fraying,
       she wound her strength
around my insecurities, making us stronger.
              As a whole instead of two separate values.

Love has a way of holding two parts together,
                     even though we may unravel.
Together we bond making us stronger
              than anything separate, we are one love.
Poetic T Feb 17
Un-enlightenment  was the trading
of collected ignorance that was sewn
on the eyes of so many individuals,
collecting in a mentality of blind illiteracy.

Detachment from the realities that were
shown before, but spectacles of onyx
kept them from seeing reality and all they
responded to was the illusion of there hearing.

Contagions were ingested within the falsity
of words collecting in mirages of there own.
But every consultation was a verse in reversed
wording collecting the meaning in other manners.
Poetic T Feb 16
I'm a shallow pond of emptiness,
        but stones were pulled out
before this evaporation of self
                   was but a hollow echo.

Those stones were skimmed on
           the surfaces of others waters,
but where greeted as they sank beneath
              settling within the depths.

I was a collected in the pools of many,
        even though I faded the stones
of myself were collected in others.
                           they never evaporated.

"When one evaporates,
          our condensation will gather within others,

*"Rocks sometimes never dry but sink below others pools.
Poetic T Feb 16
Breathless fragrances,
              aromas fading
beyond there time running out.

                             But we will always
expel the vapours of our emotions.
        And others will exhale upon our fading.

Just because you cant taste every
                   sentiment that's breathed,
       were all moving away, just moments fading.
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