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In the midst of desperation,
With my hands pressed tightly against the sides of my head,
I'm hopelessly trying to hold myself together.

Will clutching my head hold my thoughts in their place?
Or is the delusion only another reason to believe
That I'm losing this fight with myself tonight?
Everything is going to be okay. I just have to try to make things better.
if you choose her I
will understand. My heart is
breaking regardless.
The tears are falling down the windowpane.
memories are playing through my mind again and again.
I want to go out, but I am trapped inside.
with nothing to give, and everything to hide.
When I see the sun, I have faith
for it can be better as God saith
Help me realize why I'm even here,
Help me stand against all my fear.
It's been more than just a year,
Since I hadn't shed a tear.
When the happy times come near,
You say the things I don't wanna hear.
As far as I can remember
it's always been the same.
Surrounded by clubs and members,
but alone always I remain.

I've had friends, I've had lovers
and laughter with my loved ones,
yet from this loneliness I can't recover.

It's not that complicated.
It hurts when you're alone,
but from people surrounded.
It makes me feel undone.
Song version:

by Wolf Lefler.
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