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Sadolecent Mar 2016
I'm not good enough for you.
Maybe, I never was.
You were pretending.
And I was believing, Just because.
I thought you loved me. I thought you cared.
I never knew you leaving.
Would make me this scared.
I'm hurt, confused, alone.
I'm stranded
With no place to call home.
There's a whole in my heart.
That you put there.
By only acting the part.
We were everywhere.
Who is she?
Is she really better than me?
She has nice blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes.
Maybe it's cause she's older
And has a car to drive.
I was down for you.
I thought that it was true.
But in reality.
You're a heart breaker.
And that's all you'll ever be.
Sadolecent Dec 2015
Cheaters never win,
winners never cheat.
I gave you my heart for your hands to keep.
you broke my trust
or was it lust?
I know you love me
but revenge plays out, you'll see
Stupidly, I will stay
let the game play
but youre the sin
I will win
cause winners never cheat
hey guys I am back !!! merry christmas my stones  <3
Sadolecent Aug 2015
The deepest ocean,
Waves in motion.
The deepest secrets
The more you keep it,
The deepest cut,
Happens when the door is shut.
The deepest night,
Is when you can't sleep right.
The deepest hour,
Is when I start to cower.
The deepest fear,
Is when I disappear
The deepes mind,
Always finds.
The deepest heart,
Is torn apart
Sadolecent Aug 2015
I can't breathe,
I can't move.
I see nothing but darkness.
That small glimpse of light, is nothing but a blur.
My hands are shaking.
My heart is breaking.
and with that I collapsed,
crying on the bathroom floor.
My throat is closed up and I gasp for air.
I wonder when you'll be here.
I feel  dead, emotionless,
if any emotion, I am just depressed.
I gain eyesight,
and then the ability to breathe.
My hands stop shaking,
but my heart is still racing.
Anxiety has hit me, made me go insane.
and I am oblivious to when it will strike again.
Sadolecent Aug 2015
I wrote your name in the sky,
but the wind blew it away.
I wrote your name in the sand,
but the waves washed it away.
I wrote your name in my heart,
forever it will stay.
I love you
Sadolecent Aug 2015
I say I am okay,
but we both know I'm not.
You know what I did last night.
I know what you thought.
You know that I sat there and cried.
You see right through my guilty lies.
I had the blade to my wrist
for the first time in a while, I gave it a twist.
I was so proud. I made it almost a year.
Why did I even bother shedding another tear?
Its because depression isn't a phase,
It lasts forever
No matter how good your life is put together.
You think you're happy, but that's the phase.
Happiness is the act on the stage.
So that happened :/ two days ago, I did it again. I cut. And I am not posting this for attention, Im posting for help and advice.
Sadolecent Aug 2015
When I was falling apart,
You fixed my broken heart.
When I had the blade to my skin,
you loved and let me in.
I would've take a bullet for you...
but you were the one pulling the trigger.
You held the gun,
not knowing I was the one.
Your touch brought me happiness,
But my touch brought you pain.
But after all the madness,
you were the sunshine in my rain.
But you realized that you still loved me, even after the war.
I was the one drowning but you brought me back to shore.
You saved me. I saved you.
Being each others life support, is what pulled us through..
Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I am back for good this time.. This poem was inspired by sam smith's song "life support" its my favourite song right now. It also tells the story of my current relationship. Pj and I have been dating two months. However we were dating a few years back. When we realized we were each other's life support , we decided to try again .
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