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so many ways we play the game
we go astray then we lay the blame
it's our way to weigh the shame
we say we'll change then stay the same

we should hate the game we play
knowing it's just the same we stay
it's our way to feign the way
looking for the place for blame to lay
I tried to use a lot of the same words in each stanza, but switched them around. I might try to use only the same words in each stanza
i find certain poets
too engaged with
a pronoun interchange,
and underusing nouns,
with some fear to
clear their footprints
to go further;
and there's no reason
for them to go further,
there's more reason
to stand-still... and disengage
from the basest description
language of overly using pronouns
and speaking like philosophers:
referring to everything with the
word thing, whether that's
a subject or an object or whatever.
Cheaters never win,
winners never cheat.
I gave you my heart for your hands to keep.
you broke my trust
or was it lust?
I know you love me
but revenge plays out, you'll see
Stupidly, I will stay
let the game play
but youre the sin
I will win
cause winners never cheat
hey guys I am back !!! merry christmas my stones  <3
The deepest ocean,
Waves in motion.
The deepest secrets
The more you keep it,
The deepest cut,
Happens when the door is shut.
The deepest night,
Is when you can't sleep right.
The deepest hour,
Is when I start to cower.
The deepest fear,
Is when I disappear
The deepes mind,
Always finds.
The deepest heart,
Is torn apart
I'm not like them,
I don't drink, smoke, or **** like them.
I'm not that girl,
I don't look, dream, or think like her.
I'm not like him, or her, or them.
I'm not any of this, so why am I here?
Well, in the end I love solitude
She's always around when all walk out
I also love my principles and attitude
Friends are friends until I have doubt
I treasure nothing cause its comforting
Having the treasure of nothing to lose
And I embrace goodbye for all ends in departing
So I've learnt to embrace every wound and bruise
It's great being accustomed to melancholy
It's only fair getting used to breaking apart
For every good moment is all but a raging folly
Being sugar coated in the sheath of a sword waiting to cut
Sometimes you just have to love enough to give up
Because after dreaming all you want,you have to wake up
Just a bad day, let down by 2 people I thought were friends
You gave me a shirt,
Old and tattered…
Once a favorite of yours.
Holes in places, faded all over;
Words under a cup stating
"Half full".
It was so ironic,
And it made me laugh;
I guess that's all it takes.
I was low, and you were generous,
And that half-empty glass
Would have taunted me
Had it not been for the words
Reminding me otherwise.
That Life is Good shirt
Will never leave me.
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