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Those might have been told in any other way
but you could not understand
No, No this is not a spring song
Not even a fairytale

An exclusive secret,
a pain which originates within a love,
reverberates with the rebel song,
within your known sky, wind

Naturally has seen in dreams
Rarely meets with the real
Crops of thousand wishes,
As the Vinci's Mona Lisa

Truly forms in nature
which has a vitreous luster
As the Crystal of Sapphire blue
where the beauty beyond

Of the words mystery unveiled,
yet the fascination of the Poe's uncovered poetry,
As the fathomless depth of Mid Atlantic ridge,
which goes a long way

Tastes like the first kisses of love
which is full of longing
where whole life is covered with dissatisfaction,  
within the prospect of ever known

Like an old wine
where levels of alcohol is too high
After spreeing over the night,
Still hanging in,
Even after taking the morning black coffee
@ Musfiq us shaleheen
The truth is, we all take life for granted.
We just think the sun will always come up & we will be there as witness.
What if you never saw the light again?

To live in the darkness is do live in danger.
It is toying with forbidden territory.

Sometimes taboo is fun,
We entertain our bored minds with thoughts of-


What does it all mean exactly?
Light shines even in a dark paradise,
No matter how fall you have fallen,
Yes, the sun still shines.
Even though the sun falls daily,
Remember you still must always rise
in order to see the light-
You must awake in the
m o r n i n g.

No matter how far you want to

j u m p

The light has stopped,
the sun will only wait for so long

                         with it.

                         with it.

Tomorrow is new
                                                                          And you have the next day too.
I sit and breathe
wishing peace, happiness, and freedom
for myself

I sit and breathe
slowly wishing out
to strangers, friends, enemies, and all beings
peace, happiness, and freedom

I sit and breathe
letting the metta grow
my heart expands just a little
as I sit here and now
with all my joys and sorrows

may I be at peace
may I be happy
may I be free from suffering

may you be at peace
may you be happy
may you be free from suffering

may all beings be at peace
may all beings be happy
may all beings be free from suffering
Written right before I did my morning metta meditation.
A merry, mirthful clown,
I came upon a town
Where the stench of despair
Hung heavy in the air
And the ghosts within the town
Wandered aimlessly around
******* dry the joy of others
Delivered with the kiss of lovers.
No laughter can be heard
Or the trilling of the birds,
Only the silence of the tomb
In this ugly, poisonous womb,
Giving birth to fear and sorrow
With no hope of a tomorrow,
Spreading illness and infection
Eradicating all affection.
And though I long to leave,
I am granted no reprieve.
A sad and lonely clown
I cannot leave this town.
The despair of others can so easily drag you down
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