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carmella Jan 2018
she said she loves me but
she’s a dream and
i was asleep.
i mistook the disease for
little lovelies for
warm and fuzzies for
cornfields with bumblebees.
i’m brought to my knees
from the silliest of things,
it’s easy to see something crazy
without empathy.
Sep 2017 · 329
carmella Sep 2017
my body suddenly jolts to an awoken state,
hands balling, head throbbing,
chest frantically rising and falling.
my eyes creep to the side of my face
to read "3:26AM"
remaining within a flashing, red state.
i fearfully gaze into my ceiling,
blazing into my chest is a
terror-like feeling.
my body trembling in discomfort,
over myself i have no power,
it's the time between three and four
known as the Devil's Hour.
Sep 2017 · 810
here, with me
carmella Sep 2017
my heart lights this earth as we
watch the sun
slip into the sea,
another day
swept into the waves
with my love beside me
my first short poem published here on HelloPoetry!! please leave some constructive criticism

— The End —