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ren Apr 2019
smiling and laughing,
they walk side by side,
hand in hand,
wishing for more
yet they didn’t know if this was what they wanted.

different people whom they’re not familiar with,
are seen doing the same,
they glance at the couple beside them
and give a smile.

little do they know,
something had went off in their hearts,
a feeling of regret that they had ever looked that way.
the realization had become clear,
they were never with the right people,
this is not the end but the beginning,
new lovers who had have been forever lost.

it was meant to be.
ren Mar 2019
beady eyes
intent on watching my every move,
continuously following me
as i pace around the room
and it is dark,
for i cannot see
but i know these beady eyes are staring at me.
ren Mar 2019
you do not know me
yet you look at me such a way
and say the things you say,
what have i done?
why do you hate me so much?
ren Feb 2019
you hold me now
but i’m afraid you’ll let go
and i’ll lose you forever
being left with only the memories of you.

i cry against your chest,
you listen to my unclear words
which voice my pain
and you tell me it’s okay,
that you’ll always love me
but i know i’m too much,
you won’t love me forever,
you’ll find someone better.

and when you do,
my heart will break in two
because it still belongs to you.
ren Feb 2019
why is it that
when i do not spend time with you,
i feel so empty?

i smile at the thought of you
but cry too,
why is it always you?
why is it only you?
ren Jan 2019
you faintly whisper the words,
i love you
and caress my face gently.
i had once dreamed of this,
hoping one day it’ll become reality
and that i will hold the key to your heart
but i spoke too soon,
it had all fell apart—
i had fell apart.
why couldn’t i keep it in?
try to push away the negative thoughts
and the jealousy
but i couldn’t,
i allowed it to consume me
and i was no longer the same.
it was all well
till i broke us apart,
that is where you became a distant memory.
ren Jan 2019
i am not talented
nor am i skilled
yet i have this dream i wish to fulfill.
i wish to be my own,
not wanting to be like someone else
even if they’re what i’ve always wanted to be–
my heart says to just be me.
with high hopes,
i will be my own
so the tears i’ve shed
and the feelings i’ve expressed
weren’t useless.
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