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hiel Aug 2017
i want to wake up next to you
i want our legs tangled in this little bed of ours
i want to feel your breath on my skin
i want your fingers curled with mine

i want your warmth
i want to be
the person you first see
when you wake up
crust in your eyes
sleep in your eyes
love in your eyes

wake up.
it's another day.
i love you.
hiel May 2017
i found god in you
i found salvation in your smile
i surrendered into your embrace
your words and love are my miracle

i have worshipped your hands
found my religion at the sound of your voice
fought temptation when you looked at me

my god, my god
i am going to hell
my god, my god
you will be my undoing
  Nov 2014 hiel
Tyler Durden
She paused from our kiss
Took a breath.
And I opened my eyes.
I saw her,
Taking it all in as she held my face
She quivered.
I smiled,
That's when I knew
She was enough.
hiel Nov 2014
i'm not dead

i've just lost interest in living.
hiel Oct 2014
i have fallen in love
with the feeling of falling in love.*

i want to experience everything there is to experience when it comes to love.

your heart beating fast
finding it hard to breathe
feeling lightheaded and giddy
wanting true love's kiss.

i have fallen in love
with holding hands
looking into each other's eyes
talking to each other in hushed tones
sharing a secret that only they know.

i long to hold and to be held
i long to kiss and to be kissed
i long to spoil and to be spoiled

i have fallen in love
with the feeling of falling in love.
hiel Oct 2014
i have a problem.

sometimes, i am happy
uncontrollably so.
everything makes me smile.
and the sun shines in my heart.

but then there are days
when even under the sun
i bring in the rain.
it pours from my eyes
down my cheeks
to my mouth.

and i try to swallow
but i can't.
and everything crumbles
around me.

i lose myself.
and there is no one but me
who can
t h o s e
p i e c e s
u p .

i have a problem.

i am my problem.
i hate my problem, i hate myself.
  Oct 2014 hiel
Raj Arumugam
so I brought my writer wife
(prominently pregnant)
to the hospital
and on her bed, she screamed:
"weren't" "hasn't" "couldn't" "shan't"
"aint" "hadn't" "you're" "isn't"
"aren't" "didn't" "wasn't"
"who's?" "what's?" "he's" "she's"

The doctors were confounded
and they turned to me and they said:
"What the hell is she doing?"

And I replied with double speed
and a violent sense of urgency:
*"Don't you know?
She's having contractions -
she's a writer"
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