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Nina Nov 2014
It starts out with a word
Or a phrase
That hurts you deeply
You're in public
So you cannot blubber like a lunatic
Finding that power in yourself you walk away
But as soon as you have turned around
The tears flow like you just got out of the shower
Those tears are the ones coming from the heart
You are silent
Nina Nov 2014
I think
The worst thing in life to see
Is a happy looking table
Full or people with wonderful souls
To cry like their life depends on it
They send a toast out
To all of those who aren't here with them
They thank each other for remembering
Tell their spouses "No need for the tears, love"
Share stories of the ones lost
The ones that left
They yell, and argue
Besides the fact they're family
And after that short- but sweet- time
They act like it never happened
There is a fine line between the lost and the left. Ones who went by their doing, or the ones who went without notice. After all the toasts i have witnessed, i think when everyone starts to reminisce in the memories that's the part i cant handle seeing.
Nina Oct 2014
my dreams are like getaways
to the astral plains above
the lights that can blind a blind man
the silence that can make a sane person erratic
oh my, my love
did you hear
all of them speak in hushed tones
they said
"make it come true, please"
A little help from a secret friend. Hope you see this.
Nina Oct 2014
she wasn't beautiful
she didn't have hair like silk
or eyes as bright as the sun
her lips weren't luscious
oh, they were far from it
chapped and pale
ratty clothing
stained face
scars all over
monotone voice and
an expressionless face
all she wanted was love and affection
and you never loved her
Nina Oct 2014
i see fire
in your eyes
when you talk about her
the passion coming straight from your heart
i hoped you'd talk
about me like that
i will always wish you happiness
but i just wish
it was with me...
Got idea from a song title
Nina Oct 2014
we are stripped down
to blood and bone
no skin at all
because that isn't beautiful

our eyes are the colors of
emerald greens and
intense blue crystals
because brown isn't beautiful

we need designer things
Gucci and Prada
not target and walmart
because clothes need to be beautiful

if this is what beauty is
then i cant give it to you
i can act real
but we'll always be *a little fake
Its a struggle being beautiful. Props to the ones that devote their life to it.
I'm trying
Nina Oct 2014
you're my smoke
and I'm your art
too addictive to stop
cant get enough
my expression comes from you
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