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They say
I have
that's quite
you think
making someone
else feel
the color
of their
I try to let it
slip my mind
forget it ever happened
but whenever I see them
in my head
I hear them
criticizing my hair
and my freckles
I can not change
I was born this
No one can make me different
I gave a homeless man half
of my sandwich
and five dollars
I'm soulless
I gave a soldier I didn't even know
a hug and a thank you
yet I have no heart
Well you know what
I am a proud ***
Since I was six I suffered with depression
From the age of seven
they told me "You are not worth it"
since I was eleven
I've believed every word the bullies tell me
Never believing that I was in fact special
Since I was twelve
My life has nearly ended
over twenty times
I've been hospitilized over and over
for things i did to myself
because selfish people in my grade
treat me like im nothing
hate me for no reason
and bully me to the point i want it all to end
I tell them i don't care what they think of me
but in my mind all i see
is my life finally ending
I'm not smart
and im not that pretty
Well at least thats what I've believed
after 10 years of being bullied
But you know
I'll be better
I'm a white, male,
American dreamsicle
who says "****"
way too much
to not be cool.

I read about my father issues
on my mother's face.
I hate things and people
because the news told me to.
Art is ****** and ****** is art;
when Billy killed Sue,
my heart raced.
Do drugs with me
or do none at all;
promise me when we're high
we won't fall.

There are ******* on the street
and the cops are shooting them.
There are ******* kissing
and old, white men are scared.
There are mentally ill people
and they are "seeking attention".
There are women with voices
and old, white men are scared.

I am an American Dreamsicle:
cold, unhealthy, and killing your kids.
You can buy me for 40% off
and I promise to take 60% of your ideals.
I am what my parents don't want me to be
and that is the appeal.
Little do I know, I am every thing you are
and that is my cancer.
Me trying.
 Jan 2015 Natasha N Koucoules
You told me you loved me that night after track
You told me you loved me & I said it back.
You told me you loved me & we were forever
You told me you loved me no matter the weather.
You told me you loved me, but I didn't believe you
You told me you loved me & 'I'll never leave you'.
You told me you loved me & it was fast and quick
You told me you loved me but my laugh made you sick.
You told me you loved but this was the last
You told me you loved her & our love was the past.
I am not a daisy yet your words cut me down.
Neither am I a rusty bucket, yet my eyes pour out.
My throat is pained with the words that refuse to come through, can't you see?
I am broken, and here I cry out in need of help.
Help me, I lied, I am not okay. I am not fine.
Life is a daily struggle, a horrible one of mine.
I need someone, it used to be you, don't you remember?
Now I have no one. No one indeed.
My hands have not ceased their shaking, my heart, quickly palpitating.
What is this called? This place I am alone in? Hell? Purgatory?
My soul is damaged, please leave me be.
pigeungdom er sprukne læber, fugtige øjne, blege hænder, rystende ben, grønne sind, papmache-hjerter, neglebidning, rifter på håndledene, blå mærker på halsen, tabt alkohol og knækkede cigaretter i tasken, makeuprester, ***** mod rug tunge, maveknurren, ar på hoften, varme radiatorer, gratis drinks, tunge øjenlåg, kortvarig lykke, falske grin, personlighedsspaltning, pengestress, ligegyldige kys, søgen efter tryghed, gåsehud, spildt kaffe, brandsår, våde cigaretter, dybe vandpytter, natbusser, angstdæmpende medicin, fællesdepressioner, et kor af gråd, irrelevante samtaler og et sløret omrids af et ansigt, der smadrer din nattesøvn, og gør det svært at stå op
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