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  Apr 23 U Mims
A Lopez
They promote themselves as magician's
And only give us pain
They remote us in a kitchen
With a apron on, and say 'hey babe'
They try to take our moolah
And spend it on high cost drugs
They wear pants like their ten again
Wannabee southern thugs
I  gave him my all
Had a beautiful girl from the mix
But in the mix he did not check out
He showed noone respect
So I will show him nothing back
He doesn't deserve no kiss
It's better to move on happy with me
And my daughter who he dissed
But I will let him see her
Because that's what mothers do
Because I love my ballerina
My daughter, I do love you.
  Apr 23 U Mims
when water

fathoms itself--

does it freeze

or flow?
  Jul 2019 U Mims
Pagan Paul
My love and I went out a'walking,
that is when we both ceased talking.
Loving, being free and alone together
despite the rain and inclement weather.
Yes the rain fair soaked us through
but it felt just like a shower for two.
All of this along with chirping birds
the moment we stopped using words.

© Pagan Paul (17/07/19)
You say you love me
But I don't feel it.
When I look into your eyes
I  see rain
I hold back the tears
Sniffing into a crumpled tissue.
You glance back with a forced smile
I  quickly turn my face
staring into the  fading sunset.

have past
empty words
Broken promises
I  groan
viens  are passing  poison
My strength is failing
I take my last breath
I struggle to see sunrise
I slip away amongst the wilted roses
U Mims Jun 2019
Lovely creature we're here 4 a reason we are ment be to like the flowers
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