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  Jun 2016 A Lopez
His strong hands gripped me everywhere, he knew my sensitive places.
My eyes shone due to my intense obedience and humiliation.
I started to perspire in an excitable way.
My legs began to shake.
I could feel his affection through his endless kiss.
I felt intimidated.
He loved me.

I can still feel his indomitable hands around me, he knows my vulnerable spots.
My eyes glisten from my potent passiveness and embarrassment.
I break out in nervous sweats.
My legs are trembling.
I can feel his devotion in an infinite smack.
I feel terrorized.
He's attached to me.
  Jun 2016 A Lopez
Randolph L Wilson
Faith in the tempered evening , for the Friday night reverberation -
of hometowns just over the Shamrock green horizon
For the day end Amber-glow of well kept -
Summer gardens
Blessed is the power of tonights Harvest Moon
The Suns early dedication to the Chattahoochee flora of the coming June
For morning dew prisms that ignite rolling hayfields
For talking Indian rivers , Railroad townships and period Flour Mills
Copyright May 26 , 2016 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
  Jun 2016 A Lopez
Ann M Johnson
How many times have plans been carefully made
then drifted away when faced with the problems of
real life.
Contentment can be found when giving up on previous plans
and taking things one day at a time and living in the present moment.
After all, I don't know what joys or sorrows tomorrow will bring.
I am currently on a medical leave from school so I need to live in the moment and take life one day at a time.
  Jun 2016 A Lopez
Austin B
Do you ever dread the day?
The day you write your masterpiece.
Your heart wrenched, blood spilled, gasping for air masterpiece.
The poem you were never meant to write.
The poem of your nightmares.
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