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mel Jun 2018
Tears of violent embers crawled down the face of acrimony,
Left with only a painful reminder.

Then everything set ablaze,
Fear of rememberence begged through the eyes.

It was like that for hours.

That stare gnawing through my, once, beautiful bones,
I watched acrimony die,
And I witnessed it’s last breath burn with the flames.

Until I was left holding my own carcass.
mel Jun 2020
Although I trudge only in my youth,
And as time bounds to its seasons of Black,
Father regards to me as if still swaddled in blanket,
Pacifier in hand,
Though I have grown with the willows that tower Mother’s mind.

Whilst, I may falter,
And not display equivalent par
Countered to the scholars neighboring,
Flame, nonetheless, expands in the depths of my soul.

For, albeit, I may seem young,
And many, even those who have failed to exchange a word,
See myself as a willing delinquent,
I still stand with the willows
Seeking everlasting satisfaction.
I found an old poem that I never got around to posting
mel Jun 2018
I strip myself of these tattered clothes,

And dig my feet into the earth below.

Breathing out my hidden identity,

For in this breath, I can be free.

At a young age,

To the moon I would plea,

To undo these shackles chained to this alternate reality.

Save my soul,
And bury me with the moon.

It will all be over soon.
mel Jun 2020
I strip myself of these tattered clothes,
And seek refuge in you.

Breathing out this aged agony,
For in your breath I am anew.

I refuse to rot with the moon,
For, I've met the sun.

He introduced me to my imperfections,
and the beauty held within them.

So, instead of rotting,
I flourish.

It will never be over soon,
For, I am eternal when I'm with you.
Raw Growth
mel Aug 2018
i still yearn for you,

even though i burn,

every time we touch.

but that’s ok,

you like pork and steak anyways.
mel Jun 2020
Complex thoughts,
Turn into neglect.

I call this Brain Rot.

Brain Rot is the effect that society has on you,
forcing you to fit into a world full of fault.
Forcing your complexities to be unknown,
And taking form into our own identities,
Leaving us with no recognition.

Do we truly even exist in this twisted world?
Notes from my icloud
mel Jun 2018
Carved with careless fingers,
Traced by a toddler,

Occupying its mind with crayons.

A raw thought came to mind,

Carve the skull with colored variety,
Condoned silence.

Then, oh, how the colors swam.
mel Jun 2018
It was on top of me like a force begging to be reckoned with.

It crushed into me, bleeding into me, as I bled into it.

Red, so bold against the black & white of this world.

Was this my fault?
My doom.

I was dead.
She was dead.

But then she clawed her way up from the dead,
Seeping our of my skin, with every breath taken.

The heat was suffocating.
mel Aug 2018
What makes us human,
Is features made from the small minded.

For we are limited by society’s restraints,
Against the free minded.

I once read,
A riddled story,

About a man who was rich in worldly objects,
And a man who was rich in contentment,

Cherishing every moment,
The world breathed.

Who is more rich?

The man who trampled on the vulnerable,
Or the man who collected pennies off of the sidewalks,

So he could mend the trampled.
mel Sep 2018
weary children,
drawing breaths of doubt,
by second.

neglected by blood,
rejected by society.

collaborate in hopes,
of self peace.
mel Jun 2018
There you were,
Lingering with my bones,
Waiting for my return.

The sun burned pink,
And delayed my mind.

But then there you were, waiting,
With the key to escape fastened around your neck,
And my heart clenched in your cold dead grasp,
Out of my own reach.

I’m lost.

And there you were, my love,
5 feet away,
Yet I can’t reach you,
For you were never mine.
mel Jun 2018
G u t t e d    w o r d s
Hang in the air,
Filling my lungs,
With the weight of despair.

Dragging me to the edge;
Of my mentality.
Tainted by bile,
Existing, gripping the ledge.

Into the deep, immense void.
Leaning over,
my crown.
mel Jun 2018
Sunken lovers,
Trapped in the bottom of their glasses,
Put their bottoms up,
For the fragments of themselves that they’ve lost under these bottles.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m a murderer,
Am I the one who lead them to their deaths.

For after my life was pried from my torn hands,
They drowned themselves in whiskey bottles and tears.
mel Jun 2018
Neglected souls,
Fearing not death,
But life itself.
Chained to our torment,
And known to most as menaces.

Forcing our pain on the innocent.

Maybe, just, maybe,
We don’t have to be misunderstood.

But alas, our fate is solitude leading to our deaths.

For, we are the people who make you lock your doors,
And fear for your lives.

We are criminals.
mel Aug 2018
What if you were a species,
That was born,
For the sole purpose of being consumed by a higher power.

Some of us,
Were born to be consumed by the rays of light,
Shining through the cracked windows of our broken homes.

I, however, take flight like a moth,
I was born,
For the sole purpose to be consumed by the rain,

& by the blanket of the night.

I was born to be consumed whole,
Come nightfall,
By the wave of thoughts that flood my head.
mel Jun 2018
Clouded Abyss,
Endless thoughts.

Tears of honey,
My mind in knots.
mel Aug 2018
He held the gun up to her forehead, and told her to sing for him for the last time,
With trembling hands, and her voice shaking with fear she sang.

'You are my addiction,
You are my love.
You are the poison,
That fills my lungs,'

He collapsed on the ground beneath him, as he held on to one last fleeting thought.

You are my addiction,
You are my love.
You are the poison,
That fills my lungs.

Then he grabbed her hand, that held the promise of their lives together. Then he sang.

'You were the poison
That filled my lungs.'

Then, without hesitation, he pulled the trigger.
mel Jun 2018
Fragmented thoughts,
m u t i l a t e d     b r a i n
Torn hands,
n u m b
A sympathetic glare,
g l a z e d   e y e s
Muted lips,
s e m i p e r m a n e n t l y
A centipede of bones,
s p i n a l   c h o r d
A flicker between life and death.
i n   h e r   e y e s
mel Oct 2018
I am hopelessly in love,
With a soundless song,
Collapsing into itself,
One beat,
After the next.

A sound reserved,
For the damaged homes.

A vibration,
Made from the distant troubled.

A static,
That only the heartsick lovers,
Can apprehend.
mel Aug 2020
Fallen from the heavens like Lucifer,
and sunken to the path where the heavens meet hell..

Two unlikely lovers meet.
We were meant to collide

— The End —