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14/F    i enjoy writing words to fill an empty blank sheet of paper.
19/F/Oregon    A little escape from the madness or maybe into it.
queen of hearts
25/F/Cleveland    a page of words that might make sense to someone
26/M/Toronto    call me Flip
20/F/California    Am I here to live and die?
24/F/USA    I am the happiest person you will ever meet. I am the saddest person you will ever know.
26/M/Canada    Tapping to my inner self always...My writings are like dictation from my inner teacher!
40    I'm Indian, but my ancestors/forefathers were Mesopotamian , Middle Eastern /Arabian. I was born in Nigeria,( Western Africa) grew up in South Africa and currently ...
sheila sharpe
74/F/Kegworth    I have now written so many poems, but intend to write still more. I focus on feelings, memories, conservation, and a sense of desperation as ...
15/M/sea    Be my beloved moon And light my darkest nights
Charlie Black
17/Gender Fluid/Idk yet    The core of our nation is etched inside these plastic smiles. And endless rows of nowhere houses. This is how we live. It's also how ...
Samreena Lodhi
F/Pakistan    I love to draw. I write whatever comes in my mind and Whatever I feel. New writings are available at Sweek also.
F/Space    Don't miss any opportunity!
Eliot York
35/M/NM    Hello, hello. I mostly write about hepo, though I've added a few of mine below too. I like personal messages, and aim to respond to ...
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