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forestfaith Dec 2019
Lonely ones on the streets.
Less than twice were they treated any more than a rat.
A misconception that's uncalled for.
It's a hopeless life,
they know that.
They are hanging loose on the rope,
dangling above the ground

1 inches.

Let me be frank,
a turnover is a
knife twisted by bare hands.
Before you know it, it's an ocean of
A moon on their faces turned on the wrong side,
the wrong side of the..floor.
or bench, or anything that can be found lying around.
Perhaps they are lying around.

2 seconds

Of life remaining as 10 years swooped by, who knew being lonely
meant being blind.
Blind to one's own sorrow, one's own lack,
soon it's just a stain on a white shirt.
Jaded to the recent events.
a second ago

a smile. It almost surprised him or she or whoever it is.
reminded of humanity and love.
focused on our own problems we forget to love.
God has them.

And yet here we are,
standing under the stars with as many
lonely planets on earth.


well, don't sweep your own problems under the carpet but
don't sweep theirs too.
It's their room.

I hope they know what a smile means.
homeless people in my home.
homeless people in slippers made of gold.
homeless people with silver stained tongues.
homeless people on construction sites
homeless people are those who's heart is homeless.

One way home.
A truth kept quiet.
A hope uninvited...
May we walk in the way of God.
Walk with torch lights to show them the way,
hopefully mark their houses in his lane.
remind them or love,
and hold them close.

walking down streets of...
Opening the door to his home.
His heart belongs to someone now,
A Father.

my brothers, sisters, are finally home.
Jennifer Weiss Apr 2017
Oh this continuous trial,
Will have to fade.
I have put my faith in You.
I will live another day.
I can see the dawn is rising,
the darkness fades.
Your light is everlasting,
and shines upon my face.

— The End —