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As the water rushes toward the surface
it gently meets your fingertips and sends sensations all throughout your body
It feels new and exciting
Soon you find yourself completely immersed
It seemed infinitely beautiful at first glance
but now that you are under the surface it is quite the opposite of that

  Dec 2014 Monique Olivier
Kacie Lynn
I remember the time when I would silently ascend your staircase and try too hard not to trip so of course I did. I would cautiously place my feet one in front of the other approaching your room only to find you asleep, hidden away in dreamland.
I remember the piano sang softly out from the speakers in your phone- lost somewhere with in your covers as well.
I remember I would stand there for a moment and see your peaceful face and even though you had told me to wake you, I always hesitated because I could hardly force you into the cruel reality of this world. I wish you could stay in the land that was blissful and bright, but not too bright. Your face was relaxed and your body curled up and wrapped within blankets and that is the picture I always see when I think of love in its simplest form. Not the love between a man and a woman, but between humans.
The warmth a heart has and the capacity it holds.
The comfort you may find in another warm soul, so inviting.
The love between two humans that is eternal and means nothing other than loyalty and sincerity.
That is love in its purest form.
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  Dec 2014 Monique Olivier
there are two candles burning
in the dark
one is yours
one is mine
and though the flames
never touch
our lights combined
brighten the room
and I hope you stay
because there's already enough
empty space
in this world
Monique Olivier Dec 2014
If I had Audrey Hepburn's class and elegance, would I catch your eye when we passed each other in a morning rush?

If I had Elizabeth Taylor's eyes and body, would you stay a bit longer?

If I had the simple yet perfect beauty of Grace Kelly, would you wrap your arms around me at night and make me your princess?

And if you saw the lurking shadows and sensed the sadness behind my smile, just like Marilyn Monroe, would you leave me
all over again?
Monique Olivier Dec 2014
in the middle of the night
when everything is at its quietest

i feel a tug at my hair
i feel a nudge in my side
i feel the pull of my hand
i feel a restlessness in my body

something is calling me
a distant land or perhaps a forgotten muse
something is calling me

and i cannot wait to answer
Monique Olivier Dec 2014
My mind drifts in this abyss
And as it goes and goes and goes
I cannot stop it from touching those
Tender, broken, shattered pieces of what seems to be so hard to identify and erase from the mind.

My mind keeps on expanding
And as it goes and goes and goes
It touches those forgotten, dusty little corners and invokes a new set of flames in my heart.

The fire reaches the bones that keep me sane and i begin to transition into ash.
The wind picks up all the particles and scatters me
and there.

Finally, I am away from myself.
Monique Olivier Feb 2014
He stays where he should be
He knows just how to shake me
Fate is not to blame
It all started with a red, hot flame.

He takes the glint out of my eyes
No longer am I in disguise
Fate is not to blame
It all started with the broken frame.

He kissed me on the hand
Politely, as if it was planned
Fate is not to blame
When he burns as vibrant as that flame.
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